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Egypt tightens grip on mosques to curb Islamist dissent

Tight post-attack security curbs Iraqi Kurdistan tourism

200,000 mass in Ukraine in defiance of protest curbs

Bloomberg: 'Optimistic' on Curbing Gun Violence

Giffords: 'Be Bold' on Gun Control

Tenn court refuses to hear appeal in McGraw case

Victorian principals call for cameras in school foyers to curb abuse

EU official: China can curb pollution, still grow

'Curb Your Enthusiasm' actor Jeff Garlin arrested

Serbia pledges to UEFA to curb fan violence

Curb Records sues Tim McGraw in federal court

Carbon cuts possible for manageable warming: experts

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Biden: Consensus Emerging on Gun Safety

Pedestrians kicked to curb by 'Paris taxi war'

Obama's Clean Coal Boosts Oil Production

Conservationist urges action at Africa elephant summit

Iran, world powers clinch 'historic' nuclear deal

Ukraine president signs anti-protest bills into law: official

Turkish president meets opposition amid judicial row

Markets jittery over Ukraine

Making a nuclear weapon

Climate talks in trouble as green groups walk out

Iranians in Tehran hail historic nuclear deal

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Paris smog adds to economic gloom

Obama Taking 23 Actions Aimed at Gun Violence

Swiss referendum on immigration causes controversy

Hawking: 'Ventilator Not Curbed My Lifestyle'

Debate in Kiev as president mulls early polls to end crisis

News Summary: China plans to limit car purchases

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Clooney: Satellite over Sudan curbing fighting

Blatter: Pay curbs would hurt Swiss football

Giffords Intern: 'No Excuse' for Gun Inaction

Bleijie introduces bill to limit union access to Qld worksites

China opposes release of WTO report on rare earths

IBM to work to curb China pollution

Obama: Give Me Gun Proposals by January

Court declines to hear lawsuit against Tim McGraw

EU lawmakers and member states agree bonus curbs for fund managers

Paris in pollution crackdown

Iraq offers hefty bounties for killing, capturing jihadists