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Protesters slam shark culling programme

Controversial roo cull cost ACT $270,000

Protestors push to stop roo cull

Cull of feral camels continues in Central Australia

Hong Kong chicken cull begins after H7N9 found

Tribunal to rule on controversial roo cull

ACT kangaroo cull tribunal challenge begins before full bench

An aerial cull of wild horses is taking place in the Kimberley

Roo cull to continue at reduced scale

ACT kangaroo cull on hold for court action

Controversial ACT kangaroo cull finishes just short of target

WA Government standing by shark cull despite protest

Camel cull of 160,000 called a success

Thousand of buffalo culled from Top End wetland

Record number of submissions to EPA over shark cull

Protesters lodge roo cull appeal

Controversial three-month shark-cull trial ends WA Government seeks...

Bird flu prompts Hong Kong to cull 20,000 chickens

WA shark cull: Federal Government backbencher Andrew Laming 'deeply...

CLC chairman defends Red Centre horse cull

TAMS depot vandalised in suspected animal activist attack, $8,000 damage...

ACT's controversial kangaroo cull program restarts

Kangaroo cull gets go ahead in ACT

Camel cull carbon credits fail to get over hump

S. Korea culls ducks after suspected bird flu test

Fertility control alternative to kangaroo cull

Pigs culled in landholder and LHPA partnership

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Thousands of outback cats culled to save bilbies

70 bulls culled over disease concerns

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Opponents of wild horse cull in the Kimberley say some have been left to...

Scientist argues against seal cull

S.Korea on alert after bird flu confirmed

Hundreds of horses shot at remote NT community

Carbon credits from culling feral animals hits the dust

Shark cull petition presented to Senate

Conservationists fear bat cull after lyssavirus death

Protesters vow to act as 'human shields' to protect kangaroos during ACT...

Experts says shark cull would be pointless

Horse cull spurs calls to preserve heritage breed

RSPCA backs cull of feral horses in WA'S Kimberley region

Shark attack survivor says planned WA cull will upset ecosystem

WA shark policy a 'cull by another name'

Vandals target Parks and Conservation depot 'in kangaroo cull protest'

Nepal to cull 500,000 chickens near Kathmandu to combat major bird flu...

PM Abbott says surfing has its risks

Pastoralists call for aerial cull of feral horses

Outback camel cull to protect dog fence

Legal challenge threat over more banana culls

On patrol with Britain's badger cull saboteurs

Mary River buffalo to be culled

Leaked report says England's badger cull isn't working

Claims WA shark cull helps keep beaches open 'dodgy', Greens say

Coroner recommends changes after plane crash

Shark diver condemns suggestions of culls

Talking trees tell sap flow stories

EPA to assess impact of controversial shark cull policy

90210 star fights against WA's shark cull

Questions raised about feral camel mismanagement

Macau culls 7,500 chicken over bird flu scare

Public comment sought on WA shark cull

Feral horse cull commences in the central Kimberley

Report released as feral camel cull ends

Kangaroo contraception successful but triple the cost of culling

Thousands protest against shark culling policy