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Sri Lankan arrested over uni sex assault

Asylum seekers must respect the law: Bowen

Asylum seekers moved out of Macquarie Uni

ABC News Video - Updated 10 Times Daily

ABC News Video - Updated 10 Times Daily

ABC News Video - Updated 10 Times Daily

Amnesty slams Manus detention centre

Australia returns asylum-seekers to Indonesia in lifeboat

Campus assault raises asylum seeker housing concerns

Search for asylum seekers off Java ends

Body recovery resumes in Indonesia

Defence investigates Navy officer's Facebook post about asylum seekers

Christmas Island chief administrator calls for more humanity in asylum...

Indonesia, Australia in high seas asylum boat stand-off

Indonesia speaks out on boatpeople amid Australia tension

UN warns Australia over reportedly turning away refugee boats

Torres Strait refugees get same treatment

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Torres Strait arrivals nothing new: Qld

Rudd says Qld 'fearmongering' on boats

PNG won't work if Torres Strait is open

British asylum seeker debate overtaken by rising migration levels from...

Indonesia arrests nine asylum seekers preparing to board speedboat for...

Labor MP says asylum seeker plan will cost her votes at Chisholm electorate

Indonesia official says he'll let boats go

Man kept in custody over campus sex attack

Asylum-seeker registrations in Indonesia fall sharply: UN

Asylum-seekers allege mistreatment by Australian navy

Victim questions security after uni campus assault

Man arrested over university campus sex attack

Minister uncomfortable with sea push-back

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Australia to give Malaysia boats to tackle people-smuggling

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Paying asylum seekers to return home 'standard practice'

US pressured to treat young immigrants as refugees

Asylum seekers 'abandoned' at sea

Father of child who drowned in asylum boat sinking off Java did not know...

Mexicans seek asylum as drug violence persists

Man behind deadly voyages faces 7 years

Don't sledge the navy: Morrison

Coalition vows to stop Sri Lankan boats

Resettlement not a ticket to first world

Claims of police link to people smuggling

LNP senator Ian Macdonald threatens to cross the floor on fuel excise hike

Q&A on push to treat young immigrants as refugees

Asylum kids' plight troubles UNHCR

Hopes of finding survivors fading fast

Detention trauma lives on with child asylum seekers

Access to detention centres 'quite good'

Indonesia possibly unaware of incursions

Australia confused by Indonesia boat policy

Nauru: The world's smallest republic

Rudd clearing the decks after caucus meet

Over 30,000 African migrants protest in Israel: police

People smugglers offering discounts to asylum seekers

ABC asylum-seeker coverage 'maliciously maligned' Australian Navy, Defence...

Morocco unveils scheme to recognise illegal immigrants

Berlin 'Best Actor' living in German asylum-seekers home

Govt transparent on Manus visits: PM