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US Marine to go on trial for killing Filipino, but charge unclear

Alleged BMW thief found after 1,000km outback drive

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British rights activist to face defamation verdict

Thai court clears UK rights activist

Canada dismemberment killer had troubled childhood, his father says

Canada security services struggle with extremist threat, resources gap

N. Korea, UN investigator meet on possible visit

Polish prosecutors question Polanski over U.S. sex crime warrant

NSA surveillance limits: The focus turns to courts

Focus on NSA surveillance limits turns to courts

Israel forces Palestinian family from cave-home

Sex offender refugee in legal limbo, judge says

Nine child deaths linked to Derek Percy

British press fights 'Big Brother' after sources outed

Before US, gay marriage accepted in parts of world

Kurdish peshmerga forces enter Kobane after air strikes

AP EXCLUSIVE: Military sex survey draws complaints

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Not that hard for authorities to get to your email

Ex-teacher, Catholic Brother charged over abuse

General investigated for emails to Petraeus friend

Prosecutor: Embezzlement plea a warning to others

Afghan killings case testing military system

Ex-Penn St. President Charged in Sandusky Case

Top Bandido arrested in Qld drug raids

Congo fires army chief after rebel seizure of Goma

US, Europe hope the new year brings better times

New law points to Philippine church's waning sway

Jack Klugman dies in Los Angeles

Violence plagues Tunisia's politics 2 years later

3 Kurds killed in Paris political motive claimed

Seven men wanted over bikie's shooting death

Biden: Limit on magazine rounds a bigger priority

Obama picks former prosecutor to head SEC

Wine to be sold in SA supermarkets

White House, senators launching immigration push

NRA says more gun control not a serious proposal

Analysis: U.S. strike would aim to punish Assad, not turn tide of war

Netanyahu says Syria must be stripped of its chemical weapons

Chemical weapons deal wins time for Syria's Assad but at a cost

New Yorkers now face 2 starkly different choices

Put me out of business, trauma doctor pleads after U.S. Navy Yard shootings