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Convicted Khmer Rouge leaders face genocide trial

Woman confesses to killing mother in Canberra

Northern Territory to push ahead with online public sex register,...

Russell Street bombing witness breaks silence

At U.N., China asked to back human rights case against North Korea

Son of ex-prime minister testifies at Canada dismemberment trial

New Jersey charges 11 with mob loansharking scheme

Missouri governor forms commission to look at Ferguson unrest

Law signed to curb Abu-Jamal's 'obscene celebrity'

Adelaide Anglican Church synod supports priests breaching confessional to...

Arizona jury to consider death penalty for murderer Jodi Arias

US top court to tackle whether police can consult hotel records

Special Report - U.S. visa programme for crime victims is hit-or-miss...

Canada dismemberment trial sees graphic video of killing

Special Report: U.S. visa program for crime victims is hit-or-miss prospect

Mexican rights agency says army executed 15 of 22

Obama signs cybersecurity order, wants safer payments

Arizona jury hears arguments in Arias death penalty trial

Michael McDonald found guilty of murdering partner Lana Towers in...

Actress Misty Upham's body identified by Seattle coroner

Death penalty fuels violence in Iraq, says U.N. report

Do cases FBI cites support encryption worries?

Canada police talked to militant suspect, couldn't stop attack

Mexican rights body alleges troops murdered 15

Josh Warneke's family shocked at the seven year jail sentence given to...

UN inquiry head rejects N. Korea's 'honeyed words'

North Korea detainee release positive, but no game-changer

Actress Misty Upham's body identified by Seattle coroner

Pilot funding returns arts to California prisons

Turkish PM unveils tighter security steps after deadly protests

Canberra suburb of Curtin celebrates 50 years of history

One American released from North Korea, two remain

Baghdad shootout points to growing militia threat

Gaddafi cousin hopes to participate in Libyan peace talks

Marine suspect guarded by US in Philippine camp

Finding victims in Indiana case a lengthy process

Pistorius 'needs to pay for what he's done': Steenkamp cousin

Obama announces plan to tighten card security

Expelled Nazis paid millions in Social Security

Special Report - Traffickers use abductions, prison ships to feed Asian...

Traffickers use abductions, prison ships to feed Asian slave trade

Pistorius sentencing: Live Report

Fire exposes illegal Chinese factories in Italy

Booze, smokes on agenda for quirky gov't group

Facebook users hit 'like,' stores jump into action

Chabon ties it all together in 'Telegraph Avenue'

Not that hard for authorities to get to your email

Ex-teacher, Catholic Brother charged over abuse

General investigated for emails to Petraeus friend

Prosecutor: Embezzlement plea a warning to others

Afghan killings case testing military system

Ex-Penn St. President Charged in Sandusky Case

Top Bandido arrested in Qld drug raids

Congo fires army chief after rebel seizure of Goma