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Central Park

Erdogan in Ethiopia to start new era between two countries

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Samaras concedes defeat, says Greeks 'have spoken'

Power breakdown plunges Pakistan into darkness

Australia Day Ambassador says country living shouldn't limit ambitions

Donors pledge $7.5 bn to extend child vaccine drive

FIFA says English teams spend most in $4.1bn transfer market

Greek stocks surge over 5% on ECB stimulus package

Conservatives pitch policies ahead of 2016

Syrian opposition calls for new Cairo 'unity' meet

Churchill remembered at his former home fifty years after death

Venezuelan President delivers annual address

Head Start

Amnesty remains worried on human rights after Saudi King death

Greeks react to poll victory of anti-austerity Syriza party

Greece braces for 'turning point' election

End of the road for Nepal's traditional Himalayan 'caravans'

Miss Universe contestants on this year's pageant

Zambia ruling party candidate takes early lead in vote: voxpops

Thai ex-PM Yingluck facing jail on top of impeachment

Greece's Tsipras eyes absolute majority win in election

Greece begins voting in make-or-break election

Poroshenko says over 9,000 Russian soldiers in Ukraine

Ukraine requests fresh IMF bailout

Thai ex-PM Yingluck impeached and facing criminal charges

UN reports significant drop in Ebola cases

Thousands celebrate leftwing Syriza victory in general election

Myanmar to look into monk 'whore' slur after UN reproach

United States says trade holdouts can't keep global deals hostage

Liberia closes Ebola centre at epicentre of outbreak

US envoy expresses hope for normalized Bolivia ties

IOC dismisses idea of joint Saudi-Bahrain bid for Olympics

White House to 'reserve judgment' on Netanyahu visit to Congress

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France, Austria in push to break transactions tax deadlock

Russia and Syria's historical ties

Liberia: Only 5 people being treated for Ebola in country

German central bank chief 'sceptical' of ECB stimulus move

Cameron uses Obama compliment on economy to boost re-election bid

Saudi king appoints Mohammed bin Nayef second crown prince