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Australia to lead ice core drill project

'Gobal hub' for Antarctic research opens in Hobart

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Cape York schools get $22m for literacy

Ice core drill gives insight into climate future

Gov. Jindal seeks to block Common Core test in Louisiana

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Antarctic melting 10 times faster than 600 years ago

Snubfin dolphins need protection

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Education a new defining issue for 2016 GOP class

2+2=What? Parents rail against Common Core math

Millions of kids to test new education assessments

Drinking culture main cause of problem drinking: study

Pour that drink over your head to cool off

Boeing posts higher adjusted profit, lifts 2014 forecast

Palmer United's Lambie supports efforts to save CSIRO forestry jobs

Frank Archibald lecture held at UNE

Antarctic team digs deep to predict climate future

Casual pot use causes brain abnormalities in the young

Gator Learning to Move With Prosthetic Tail

Zynga shares up on takeover speculation

Concerns over gluten-free's health halo effect

Unis must seize freedom to innovate: Pyne

Study: Dead stars colliding forged gold on Earth

Researchers one step closer to 'unlimited clean energy'

Mixed China signals don't derail investment case: SocGen

Toshiba sues South Korean rival for corporate spying

Aus. universities lose ground in latest Times Higher Education world...

Yahoo shares soar on buyback plans, Alibaba

Iran never stopped 20 percent uranium enrichment, admits Salehi

Farm safety centre revived by last minute funding

The costs of pest trapping and fencing

Iran: Initial deal on implementing nuke agreement

Imperial Tobacco to buy U.S. cigarette brands for $7.1 billion

Coral bleaching an ongoing trend

Antarctic ice rapidly melting: report

Public policy study to look at wind farms and mining

Ahead of the Bell: Analyst endorses Chiquita focus

Inflation gauge shows price pressures contained

Cheetah hunt abandonment theory disproved

Grand Theft Auto V steals the spotlight

Coalition boost to R&ampD wins farming vote

US manufacturers expanded in June but more slowly

PM Abbott faces tough budget pitch

Southern Ocean winds strongest in 1,000 years: study

Frank Lloyd Wright tower opens for public tours