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US Senate narrowly fails to pass controversial Keystone XL pipeline bill

U.S. Senate fails to pass Keystone XL pipeline bill

US Senate rejects Keystone pipeline by one vote

U.S. Senate heads for vote on Keystone XL pipeline

GOP Vows Replay on Keystone Pipeline Bill

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At Clinton center, the past and the future collide

Senate Poised to Vote on Keystone Pipeline

US Senate faces Keystone cliffhanger, outcome uncertain

US Senate rejects Keystone pipeline in close vote

Cosby takes show to Bahamas amid trouble at home

Bill Cosby controversy: A decade in the making

Cosby comedy gigs to go on in midst of swirling allegations

Taxes on soap, alcohol among Hungary's latest levies

Keystone XL Pipe Fails Senate, GOP Vows Re-match

For Obama, a bumpy road to immigration orders

Cosby comedy gigs to go on in midst of swirling allegations

Bill Cosby hunkers down as scandal rages

2 GOP presidents acted unilaterally on immigration

AP Exclusive: Before Snowden, a debate inside NSA

Text of President Obama's immigration address

FIFA ethics chiefs to meet on Thursday over report

FIFA's Eckert plays down report differences with Garcia

Aussie World Cup whistleblower protests

Blatter tells FA there could be a way to release Garcia report

Cooper reckons he can be a boxing hit

Electoral College vote affirms Obama re-election

Putin Says He Will Sign Anti-US Adoptions Bill

Proposed Russian ban dismays US adoption groups

Obama's big Hispanic win worries Republicans

When it comes to gender gap, men play crucial role

Carla Bruni backs gay marriage _ but not feminism

Romney, Ryan pulled into abortion debate

Cooper comes out swinging at Reds training

Obama's CIA pick chose spycraft over priesthood

What's an assault weapon, anyway? A gun glossary

Roxon climbs down on 'offends and insults' law

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New Yorkers now face 2 starkly different choices

Thurston takes out top RLPA award

Analysis - Military action in Syria faces uncertain fate in U.S. Congress

India rupee bounces from record low government seeks solutions

Fight brews over private stake in a Mexican icon

NZ protesters turn out to oppose spy bill

Uganda president blocks anti-gay bill

Kanye West, gorilla fur hit Paris

Protest-hit Thailand imposes emergency rule

Defence chief disputes asylum-seeker claim

Uganda president 'won't be pressured' to sign anti-gay law

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Obama says immigration system 'broken,' pushes for reform

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