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Rhino killings for horns rapidly rise in S. Africa

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African elephants reduced to dire levels

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Burke confirms two-year super trawler ban

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Western Australia implements shark 'bait and kill' zones

A colony of bats in Queensland

Shark victim's mum wants WA govt challenge

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Togo arrests 3 in massive ivory sting

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5K Chinese workers in Kenya a threat to wildlife

Great apes face extinction: conservationist Jane Goodall

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Brazil still in shock over party candidate's death

Brazil candidate's death makes runoff more likely, pressures Rousseff

Dredging near reefs increases coral disease: study

Spain okays Repsol plan for Canary Islands exploration

Zoo in Austria Unveils Five White Tiger Cubs

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Zebras make longest trek in Africa, research says

Camilla mourns at brother's funeral

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Tas mining about iron ore price not just green threat: economist