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Greece: New bailout 'out of the question'

Bill to protect lands surrounding the Fernleigh Track

22 elephants poached in Mozambique in two weeks

Japan, neighbors agree to moves to protect eels

UK's opposition Labour: 'Trust us on economy' ahead of election

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Northern Corroboree Frog: rescue mission in ACT to boost dwindling...

Canada's Oliver says no major shift in mortgage policy for now

Cameron risks backlash by uncorking Britain's 'constitutional genie'

Cameron tries to quell party revolt over new powers for Scotland

British PM Cameron tries to quell party revolt over new powers for Scotland

Eyeing 2015 vote, Britain's Labour says it can be trusted to revive the...

Eyeing 2015 vote, Labour says it can be trusted to revive the economy

UK premier hosts talks on Scottish voting rights

Clan Ranald anchor returns to Edithburgh after restoration work

Eyeing 2015 election, UK's Labour pledges rise in minimum wage

France: Sarkozy announces political comeback

Eyeing 2015 election, Labour pledges rise in minimum wage

NJ Gov. Chris Christie visits South Carolina

South Australia's marine park's sanctuary zone liberal amendment bill has...

Controversial open-cut coal mine proposal from Coalpac divides Cullen...

Americans' trust in news media plummets: poll

8 gamblers caned in Indonesia's Aceh province

History books spark new Texas classroom battle

Cattle station wins award for fencing-off wetlands

Brown says London must keep promise to Scotland as political truce ends

France's Sarkozy makes comeback TV appearance

City cites drought, sinks LA water slide proposal

Scotland's independence vote puts UK union on edge

Balls vows to restore 50% tax, cut ministers' pay if UK Labour wins

U.S. House Speaker Boehner bemoans notion 'I don't have to work'

Pasture cropping pioneer Col Seis receives Bob Hawke Landcare Award

Sea Shepherd to switch campaign from whales to toothfish

Ginsburg: Watch 6th Circuit on gay marriage

Scots voted 'No' over economic worries

Australian corporate and family-farm businesses sustained by different...

US chief justice worried about partisanship

Boehner: Congress should back Obama's 'sound' Syria plan

Mexico probes Miley Cyrus show over flag-whipping

GOP's Roberts heads to swing-voting east Kansas

Eyeing 2016, Rubio pushes American strength abroad

Thai military ruler apologizes for bikini comment

French prime minister wins confidence vote

Eyeing 'fatal blow' against IS, Britain lays ground to join U.S. air...

Cameron shifts tack on constitutional shake-up to mollify Scots

Scottish leader quits, Queen urges unity

GOP doctor appeals on social issues in Oregon race

Rio's Olympic golf course in legal bunker

UK's Cameron shifts tack on constitutional shake-up to mollify Scots

Britain plans political upheaval after Scot vote

Egypt says restoration of oldest pyramid on track

Indonesian Aceh proposes 100 lashes for gay sex

Iran prosecutor gives government 30 days to block social media

China's women romp to Asian Games gymnastics team gold

Iran foreign minister hails 'new chapter' in Saudi ties: IRNA

Microsoft boosts dividend 11 percent, adds new directors