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Cameron's Conservatives level with opposition Labour ahead of election -...

Ahead of election, Labour leads Conservatives by 2 points - poll

Ahead of election, Labour leads Conservatives by 1 point - YouGov poll

Support for Britain's Conservatives and Labour level before election -...

Ahead of election, Labour leads Cameron's Conservatives by three points -...

Cameron's Conservatives lead Labour before May 7 election - TNS poll

Ahead of election, Labour narrowly leads PM Cameron's Conservatives - poll

L.A. water cops remind residents of water conservation

Labour and Conservatives tied again ahead of election - YouGov poll

Labour extends poll lead ahead of May 7 election - YouGov

Labour leads Conservatives by 1 percent point ahead of election - poll

Cameron's party leads one pre-election poll, but others suggest race still...

Labour and Conservatives tied ahead of election - poll

Osborne says IMF deficit forecast is reason to vote Conservative

Finns expected to vote for change in recession-hit country

Walker's Wisconsin budget shows his conservative ideals

Britain's opposition Labour Party hold narrow poll lead - Populus

Liberal Democrats hint Cameron's EU referendum plan negotiable

Conservatives aim to sell Lloyds shares to small investors

Labour leader Miliband to PM Cameron - 'Come and debate me'

Scottish Labour leader could lose own seat, poll finds

Labour courts youth with pledge to end unpaid internships

UK voters count cost of living standards pain

Scottish nationalists almost double poll lead over Labour Party - poll

Baby Gorillas Debut at Bronx Zoo

In UK election, party promises range from nukes to bees

India's rising tiger numbers may be victory only on paper

Obama carbon rules to cut coal-related jobs: conservative group

Conservationists praise U.S. regulators vote to end sardine season

Pearson penalised as FTSE slips off record high

Poll says Miliband wins last pre-election TV debate but PM Cameron absent

UK's Labour pledges to tackle exploitation of migrant workers

Huge California water supplier plans to reduce deliveries

GOP contenders gather in NH: 5 things to watch for

Labour pledges to tackle exploitation of migrant workers

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in Canada

Picasso stage curtain going on long-term view at NYC museum

Poll says UK's Miliband wins last pre-election TV debate but PM Cameron...

Labour Party most likely to form government, Deutsche Bank research shows

Ex-Colombia ministers convicted of bribes on behalf of Uribe

Wilderness, its inhabitants to star in 'Our Planet' series

Chile's Bachelet signs same-sex civil union law

Austerity's legacy: British election focused on UK economy

Gulf Scarred, Resilient 5 Years After BP Spill

Political battles bring more powers to England's north

Miliband tells voters - Trust me on the economy

Kids of Cold War crocs going to Cuba on conservation mission

Cameron's inheritance tax cut will help only a few - Labour

Hillary Has Support of Hometown Mayor

Recession-hit Finland faces election focused on jobs, debt

In drought-stricken California, cities push back against steep water cuts

US, Iran face political obstacles to potential nuclear deal

Huge California water supplier slashes summer deliveries

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Earth Day aims to reach millions with 'Angry Birds' game

Congress OKs bipartisan bill changing doctors' Medicare fees

Germany to raise growth forecasts next week - sources

Kim Jong Un and his wife enjoy soccer match in Pyongyang

Ben Carson to make 'major announcement' on May 4: CNN

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