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June 28, 1914: the day that triggered WWI

Country remembers JFK on 50th anniversary of his assassination

Blind Chinese dissident Chen encourages Tiananmen commemoration

Crackdown flagged on stolen valour

Tiananmen Square

Events mark 70 years since Warsaw ghetto uprising

Obama to speak at LBJ civil rights summit

Rwanda starts marking 20th anniversary of genocide

Performers reenact D-Day events for veterans and dignitaries

Incoming governor-general to meet Queen

Hunger Games takes in $12m at box office

Prince Harry ends role as helicopter pilot

Warning over Gallipoli passes

Govt acts on veteran concern on tin medals

Albany gears up to commemorate first Anzac troops leaving Australian soil

Christchurch marks 2nd anniversary of deadly quake

Germany's Merkel to meet Putin at France event

Sri Lanka bans commemoration of Tiger rebels

Demand far exceeds supply as 2015 Anzac Day ballot for Gallipoli enters...

Fourteen killed in China mosque stampede: Xinhua

French president to visit Aust in 2014

French president to visit Aust in 2014

Armenians unsatisfied by Erdogan's gesture

France prepares 70th anniversary of D-Day

Hopes of Albany re-enactment of first troops to leave Australia reignited...

American executed for resisting Nazis honored

News agencies cry foul over TV rights to D-Day events

eBay vows to block Gallipoli pass scalping

Plan to boycott official Canberra fires anniversary

More money for Anzac centenary

A whirlwind of events ahead of D-Day commemorations

Gallipoli anniversary attracts ten thousand Australians to Turkey

14 killed in China mosque stampede

Clashes break out in Chile on "Day of the Young Combatant"

Three Iraq bombs kill eight Shiite pilgrims

'All commemoration is political': Historians lead charge against Gallipoli...

Re-enactment opens Gettysburg anniversary events

Hollande: Putin still welcome for D-Day events

More than 3K tickets sold for Pa. 'Office' party

Japan admiringly remembers Kennedy 50 years later

Gallipoli seawall repaired before Anzac Day

Abbott to meet foreign leaders in France, North America

Daily Digit: Royal christening coins

'Yellow Star' Holocaust memorials held in Hungary

Latvians commemorate Waffen SS divisions

Military commentator wants Broken Hill to be included in national ANZAC...

Tony Bennett to attend March on Washington

War veterans gather to mark bombing of Darwin

Thousands march in Pickett's Charge commemoration

Albany facing accommodation shortage for Anzac commemoration

Prince Harry helps Sydney celebrate navy centenary

World leaders pose for D-Day group photo

Nelson starts role as war memorial chief

Gallipoli service set at 10,500 attendees

Hundreds to mark Bali bombings anniversary

Obama presents Navy with football trophy, again

Prince William gets sporty

WWII Veterans commemorate Anzio Landings on 70th anniversary

Mayor angry over confrontation with protesters