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Transport Workers Union threatens campaign of 'civil disobedience'

Up to 2000 at Melbourne student protest

7 arrested at White House protesting deportations

Thai prime minister proposes reform council

Bid to strip Venezuelan lawmaker's immunity

Truckies push campaign against Coles

Thousands in Mexico protest energy reform plans

Clashes in Brasilia as indigenous groups protest against World Cup

Group of Thai politicians plan overseas movement to resist coup

Greenpeace ship won't rule out Qld protest

Three men arrested after Vic coal protest

Port city's strikes inspire Egypt's opposition

Students push for action in Hong Kong democracy battle

AP Interview: New job for son of toppled shah

Vic protesters back Whitehaven Coal hoaxer

Tens of thousands in Mexico protest energy reform

NSW cabbies wary of seatbelt law

Hacker linked to Anonymous gets 10-year sentence

Rights group urges Yemen to investigate violations

Thai leader issues plea to end protests

Amnesty slams Saudi jailing of rights activist

Gandhi's spinning wheel up for auction in Britain

Ten candidates sign up for Algeria president vote

Activists get suspended sentences for wrecking crop

Catholic cardinal warns of possible violence in Hong Kong over democracy...

Keystone XL foes undaunted by US report

Catholic cardinal warns of possible violence in Hong Kong over democracy...

China makes clear full democracy not on cards in choosing Hong Kong leader

Malawi rights groups to hold anti-govt protest vigils

Occupy activist gets 90 days in jail in assault

Protestors in bat costumes scale Idemitsu coal loader

Pro-Abdullah protest as Afghan election dispute deepens

Pet owners go barking mad over controls push

Macedonia approves budget amid violence

Anti-coal activist Jonathan Moylan granted bail over Whitehaven share hoax

Canada approves pipeline to Pacific Ocean, with conditions

Unions flag ongoing Qantas protests

Gandhi to join Churchill, Mandela in London square

Growing backlash to government surveillance

Keystone XL opponents brace for protests in Neb.

Tensions mount in Libya's Benghazi after deadly unrest

Thai Senate ducks call to pick unelected PM

Eight US lawmakers arrested in immigration reform march

Protests planned over Afghan election 'fraud'

ACLU: Philadelphia cops wrongly arrest videotapers

To supporters, Swartz was protagonist for a cause

Togo women push sex strike to unseat president

Colorado gay couples wed but on shaky legal ground

Libya unveils plan to remove militias from Tripoli

China warns of limits to Hong Kong freedom as protests loom

UK man guilty of defacing Queen portrait

Thousands in Libya protest against militias

Thai protest leader says rallies are 'pro-democracy' in Obama letter

Protesters to Congress: Get moving on immigration

Violence escalates in divided Venezuela

Hong Kong's leader asks China to allow democratic reform

Police arrest 8 House members at immigration rally

Bachelet poised for big win as Chile votes for president