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Ebola toll rises to more than 6,800

EU stamps out envelope cartel

German competition watchdog closes cartel case against steel makers

California battles whooping cough epidemic

Honolulu police chief mailbox theft case dismissed

Japan confirms bird flu case, culls 4,000 chickens

Turkey football fans on trial for 'seeking to oust Erdogan'

Ski resort patrons defend chip stall at bottom of slopes

Mali: Last known Ebola case has recovered

Jury gets case of wife strangled in Detroit suburb

Pakistan to end death penalty moratorium in terror cases: PM's office

Apple antitrust case over iPods nears jury deliberations

U.S. corporations winning fight over human rights lawsuits

Insight - U.S. corporations winning fight over human rights lawsuits

EU's Vestager aims to finish tax avoidance probes in second-quarter next...

Head of IFRC warns of risk of Ebola cases spiking over Christmas

Two Kenyans charged for violently stripping woman

Police: Utah man tried to kidnap child actress

Indian court dismisses marine's plea to extend stay in Italy

U.S. startup sues France's Orange over social calling app

EU's Vestager to meet Google complainants in coming weeks

Filmmaker Polanski's lawyers want sex crime case closed

Indonesian editor accused of blasphemy over IS cartoon

Jihadist cases stretch German justice to the limit: prosecutor

Scalia, Kagan: Common ground often trumps ideology