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Obama vows Syria air strikes to destroy Islamic State

Obama pledges to fight war on Ebola

Student Tells Obama: 'I Really Wanted... Beyonce

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Obama thanks Congress for vote to aid Syrian rebels

Ebola vaccine trial gets underway at Oxford University

Syrian rebels dismiss "talk" of US strikes against IS in Syria

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Obama: Combating Islamic State not US fight alone

The ebola virus explained

US House approves plan to train moderate Syrian rebels

Obama taps General John Allen to lead effort against Islamic State

"This can't be America's fight alone"-Obama

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Obama Orders Military Response to Ebola

Congress gets chance to probe Obama's war strategy

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Obama declares Napa earthquake major disaster

Mechanical issue slows first lady's Tennessee trip

Obama says U.S. will not fight another ground war in Iraq

Chicago, NY, Hawaii on Obama library's short list

Syria's refugees

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Obama to Visit Atlanta Health Ctr. to Talk Ebola

Kerry confident of broad anti-IS coalition

Obama calls for 'united' Britain

Senate confirms Jane Hartley as US ambassador to France

Obama to detail plans on Ebola offensive on Tuesday: WSJ

American doctor cured of Ebola meets Obama

Obama 'confident' of Islamic State group's defeat

Syria, Iran Slam US Plan in Fighting Militants

Obama vows no ground war in Iraq

Obama: Militants 'Not America's Fight Alone'

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Obama praises House vote on arming Syrian rebels

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Mixed feelings on ISIS pledge

U.S. announces Ebola offensive

Obama chief of staff pledges action on immigration

Obama to discuss Ebola response with top medical experts

US 'shoulder to shoulder' with UK after hostage murder: Obama

Alert as man jumps fence at White House

Obama Reaffirms No Combat Troops to Fight IS

Obama: US troops will have no combat mission in Iraq

Australia commits forces to fight IS