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Violent Islamist propaganda inspiring attacks in U.S.: Senator Feinstein

Canada moves to tighten terror laws in wake of attacks

U.S., allies stage 13 attacks on Islamic State targets in Syria, Iraq

Court upholds death verdicts in slashing attack

Brush turkeys shot with arrows in Brisbane suburbs, RSPCA appeal for...

Syrian rebels clash with government troops, 19 die

Iran acid attack suspects freed as lack of evidence

Jihadist site encourages attacks on teachers, DFAT says

US 'horrified' by reports of attack on Syria displaced camp

EU holds largest-ever cyber-security exercise

Egypt to step up military trials after Sinai attack

Violence marks Afghan president's first month

Car bomb, and firefight kills seven at Kunduz court

Kurds cheer reinforcements for Syria's Kobane

Sisi says there was a "foreign support" in the Sinai attack

Tunisians vote for their parliament

Canadian lawmakers strike defiant tone in return to Parliament

Only top legislators informed of White House computer attack

Ottawa gunman made video before attack

Canada gunman talked about foreign policy in video

'Terror threat': US boosts security at government buildings

Gunmen kill two police officers in Afghanistan

Egypt eyes legal restrictions, military measures after Sinai attacks

Egypt troops targeted in Sinai a week after deadly blast

Rockets hit Afghan capital

South Sudan

Prominent stairs statue to be moved out of plaza

Dingoes attack two women on Fraser Island

Family of man behind car attack accepts Israel burial terms

Israel right-winger wounded in Jerusalem shooting: police

Egypt president says suicide bomber had outside support

Civil war rages in Syria as US reaffirms stance against Assad