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Assange applies for Vic electoral roll

End near as Assange's support grows: mum

Assange asked to model at London Fashion Week

Aust hasn't washed hands of Assange: Carr

Julian Assange marks 2nd year in Ecuador's embassy

Assange protesters to push on

Report: Assange sees legal defense in politics

Bookies think Assange could win seat

Bookies think Assange could win seat

Jemima Khan turns back on Assange

Bookies think Assange could win seat

WikiLeaks unveils candidates in Melbourne

WikiLeaks founder loses bid for scrapping of arrest warrant

Labor 'bent over' to appease US: Assange

US: Assange trying to distract from sex case

Assange looks towards Senate in speech

Assange set to address supporters

Assange attacks Manning verdict

Assange to give video address at Splendour

Greens leader welcomes WikiLeaks Party

Govt hasn't helped me since 2010: Assange

Manning verdict a 'victory': Assange

Assange positive about future of politics

Assange: Journalists must advocate for leakers

Swedish Judge says Assange has little to fear

Barrister to run Assange's Senate campaign

WikiLeaks doubts US report on Assange

WikiLeaks doubts US report on Assange

Assange film premieres in Toronto

Greens want to call Julian Assange and Edward Snowden to parliamentary...

A year on, Assange stays put in Ecuadorean Embassy

Hope and anger: Assange marks two years inside

Assange works to be healthy in embassy

Assange or seat warmer for WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reveals 'indirect' contact with PRISM...

Assange marks two years in London embassy

WikiLeaks publishes details of suppression order

Writer dishes dirt on 'sexist' Assange

Work keeps confined Assange sane: dad

Assange says film 'fans flames of war'

Westwood champions Assange on London catwalk

Key WikiLeaks Senate candidate quits due to lack of 'democratic processes'

WikiLeaks have 'betrayed' Greens: Milne

WA Wikileaks candidate pulls out of Senate race

WikiLeaks Party candidate quits

Snowden's WikiLeaks 'adviser' takes public role

NSA leaker Snowden says has no regrets for leaks

What Obama's visit means to Sweden

Snowden's father praises son in open letter

Australia condemns WikiLeaks Party talks with Syria's Assad

Prosecutor: Manning dumped info into enemy hands

Prosecutors: Manning abused his country's trust

Bradley Manning trial begins 3 years after arrest

Top military court rules on Manning document issue

Snowden thanks Russia for asylum

Wilkie offers confidence to Rudd

Hacker who turned Manning in takes witness stand

Calle 13 singer says Palestinians like Puerto Rico

Minister: Iceland refused to help FBI on WikiLeaks

Afghan anger at US monitoring 'nearly all' phone calls

Canada backs handwriting evidence in Paris bombing

Snowden mystery deepens: All eyes on airport

Tenacious Gillard heads news in 2012

Bishop condemns WikiLeaks party meeting with Assad

Lawyer: Manning wanted to enlighten US about war

WikiLeaks on Manning verdict: 'Extremism'

Bradley Manning-WikiLeaks case turns to sentencing

WikiLeaks case file fight moves to federal court

Prosecutor: Manning let secrets into enemy hands

By taking in Snowden, Ecuador would defy US again