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US ambassador to Syria Robert Ford retires

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Beirut residents say they want to leave after bombing

US ambassador to Syria Robert Ford retires 

Syrian city of Tartus, a supplier of 'martyrs' for Assad

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Syrian rebels watch the World Cup in Aleppo

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Iranian FM in Damascus ahead of peace talks

Carney: Assad Likely Behind Chemical Weapons

Hezbollah chief speaks as Lebanese Shiites mark Ashura.

Syria's warring sides take step forward at Geneva 2 talks

Syrian opposition leader calls for 'means to fight' Assad

French judge: Syria sarin attack lures jihadists

Obama says he'll continue to engage Putin

White House sends Congress draft Syria resolution

WH: No Evidence of Chemical Weapons in Syria

Group: Syrian jails full of political prisoners

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Abbott welcomes Obama Syria statement

Britain, France blame Damascus for Syria peace talks failure

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Assad's brother on Facebook two years after rumoured attack

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Syrian rebels advance near Aleppo airport

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I've made mistakes, Assad tells German magazine

Rebel Free Syrian Army chief calls for vote boycott

President's brother key to Syria regime survival

Gulf states call on foreign forces to leave Syria

Syria opposition leader would talk to Assad regime

Syrian opposition leader calls for 'means to fight' Assad

Russia not convinced by US evidence on Syria

Syria's Assad says political Islam project has failed