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Army supporters storm Jazeera's Beirut office

Twenty-one Alaska soldiers exposed to carbon monoxide

France to continue air strikes until Iraqi army gains upper hand

Syria army captures key rebel town near Damascus

Italy Finmeccanica sues US over Airbus helicopter deal

Baghdad steps up propaganda fightback with jihadist TV spoof

Ukraine peace efforts stall despite lull in fighting

Germany starts training 32 Kurdish fighters

Military parade for Thai junta leader as retirement looms

Syria army takes key rebel-held town near capital

Egypt president gives army control of arms imports

Iraqi army says retook dam from jihadists

Iran to help Lebanon army fight extremists

Myanmar frees dozens more child soldiers from army: UN

Army cadets hone their skills on manoeuvre in northern Tasmania

Abdul Numan Haider once connected with Islamic group Al-Furqan

Iraq's Abadi presses on with top brass shake-up

U.S. authorities charge four men with stealing Xbox, Army tech

Manning sues Defense Dept. for gender treatment

Kurdish fighters and Free Syrian Army clash with IS at strategic border...

Army unit in Mexico killings has past controversy

Parade marks Thai PM's transition to civilian, army keeps grip on power

Mexico army holds 8 soldiers in June killing of 22

Pakistani opposition keeps up pressure on prime minister to resign

Obama aide asserts no US troops on ground in Iraq

German military struggles with hardware problems

Syria's Al-Qaeda chief warns West against continued strikes

3 Afghan Army officers in US immigration custody

German army sends first arms shipment to northern Iraq

Deadliest attacks by pro-Russian rebels threaten Ukraine truce

India, China agree to end Himalayan border face-off

Taliban seize key Afghan district

Rights group urges Europe to press Thai leader on rights on Italy trip

Indian shooters keen to match Chinese, Koreans

Officials: US drone kills four militants in Pakistan

Nigeria says 135 Boko Haram fighters surrender, 'fake leader' dead

Mexico detains 8 soldiers in June killing of 22

Families SA classified Chloe Valentine as 'infant at risk' in utero

Obama says Egypt key to US security in Mideast

NATO allies join Ukraine in military drill, ceasefire holds

Chelsea Manning, WikiLeaks mole, sues US military seeking sex change

An Explainer: Militant Groups in Syria

Iraqi troops retake 16 villages from militants

U.S.-led air strikes pose problem for Assad's moderate foes

Wounded soldiers' visit reminds us it's just a game, says Watson

Afghanistan to inaugurate new president as NATO's war ends