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Man Arrested for Threatening Cable TV Hosts

Arizona jury to consider again death penalty for Jodi Arias in September

Jodi Arias attempts to explain away her lies

Judge restricts live camera coverage in Arias case

Woman convicted in hammer beating speaks to jury

Arizona man to be sentenced for temple murders

Former socialite found guilty in Arizona car bomb death of ex-husband

Arizona judge rejects bid to nix death penalty for Jodi Arias

Release for man convicted in '70 deadly Ariz. fire

Arias Verdict Draws Crowds to Ariz. Court

Arias spectacle grows as trial seat sold for $200

Jury in Arias trial adjourns for day after impasse

Number of Navajo homicides tops some metro areas

Hearing may be 'mini-trial' in theater shootings

Arizona woman released after decades on death row

Member of Arias defense team barred from Arizona jail over drawing

Man convicted in deadly Ariz. fire enters plea

Jury concludes Jodi Arias deliberations for day

Arias fades from view as case veiled in secrecy

Figures in OJ Simpson saga have moved on

Authorities: Man said he was headed to kill Grace

Arizona woman found guilty in hammer-beating death

California man confesses to 40 killings

Arias seeks death penalty stay, court rejects

Woman on death row could be freed to await retrial

Jurors get case in Jodi Arias murder trial

Alleged cartel hitman pleads guilty in US case

Prosecutor questions woman in Arizona murder case

Man who says he killed 40 won't divulge associates

Jurors start deliberating in Arias murder trial

US jury convicts inmate of killing couple

Man set free in Ariz. enjoys first day of freedom

A look at deadliest college-related US shootings

Mob associate who became Idaho rancher gets hefty sentence

Man sentenced to 249 years for 1991 temple slaying

Arizona woman gets life term for hammer killing

Prosecutor raises voice at Arias in Arizona trial

Arizona woman reviled for son's murder may go free

Judge ponders September trial date for Arias

Arias grilled by jurors over lies, memory lapses

Woman found guilty in 1996 killing of ex-husband

Ariz. Man Set Free After 40 Years in Prison

Expert: Jodi Arias suffered from PTSD, memory loss

Arias sells art for money, profits from notoriety

Jurors deadlock on Jodi Arias penalty retrial set

Ex-teacher convicted of pushing wife off cliff

Ex-wife on trial in businessman's car bomb killing

Alleged Calif. hitman pleads guilty in Ala. case

Missouri executes man in 1994 good Samaritan death

Jurors ask Jodi Arias about religion, memory

Cheers, tears at Arias 1st-degree murder verdict

Arias trial now turns to whether she lives or dies

Problems surface over Ariz.'s 2007 immigration law

In lurid Ariz case, woman describes victim as liar

Woman gets life term in 1996 car bomb killing

Mich. woman wraps up testimony in grandson's death

Timeline of the whereabouts of suspected strangler

American Indian gang trio face racketeering trial