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Court hears case of Colorado worker fired over pot

One student shot second in custody at NC high school

US shooter takes stand in loud music killing case

Scorsese pays homage to New York Review of Books in '50 Year Argument'

Colorado court hears appeal of worker fired for medical marijuana

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Frisky donkey couple: 1, prudes: 0

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Spain's Catalonia halts independence vote campaign

Supreme Court meets to consider taking gay marriage cases

Injured Ennis 'praying for a miracle'

Argentina and US judge set for showdown

Jurors deliberating in poisoned doctor trial

Supreme Court meets to consider taking gay marriage cases

Karadzic genocide trial nears climax

Ex-player tells jury what happened before slaying

Ford loses bid to recoup $450 million interest on overpaid taxes

Gas lobby APPEA rejects union and manufacturers calls for a domestic gas...

SEC wins $188 million in Wyly fraud case, may get more than $300 million

East West Link: Brunswick resident's court win in bid to halt Government...

Wife of slain Los Angeles-area mayor released

No charges yet in shooting death of suburban Los Angeles mayor

Lampard coy over talk of extended City stay

Texas woman sentenced to 60 years in 'black widow' murder case

Mayor of Los Angeles suburb of Bell Gardens shot dead

Google fires back at Rupert Murdoch in Europe

FIFA delegation to survey women's World Cup turfs

Texas jury finds cancer doctor guilty of poisoning lover's coffee

German courts uphold ban on Uber ride-share service

Arizona Cardinals player indicted over accusations of hitting wife

Prosecutors say Karadzic was 'driving force' behind Bosnian genocide

Court mulls legality of firing for pot use off job

Florida loud music killing trial coming to close

Obama seeks traction on economy amid foreign tests

New privacy battle looms after moves by Apple, Google

Prosecutors call Karadzic 'driving force' behind Bosnian genocide

JPMorgan to face U.S. class action in $10 billion MBS case

Netanyahu UN speech 'blatant manipulation of facts': PLO

Analysis - Europe's German growth locomotive on strike

U.S. SEC wins hundreds of millions in Wyly fraud case

Texas cancer doctor convicted of poisoning lover

U.S. bankruptcy judge allows Detroit water shutoffs to continue

Defense, prosecutors preview school cheating cases

Adam Giles may offer NT nuclear waste site if traditional owners fail to...

Renewable energy target talks to begin

Judge delays Marathon bombing trial, won't move it

Fixed-term custody orders could pose community safety risk, WA Government...