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'American Gigolo' to be adapted for TV

Clashes erupt during funeral of youth killed by Israeli forces

American detained in North Korea gets job back with Ohio city

Obama seeks to reassure public in second weekly address on Ebola

Israeli police kill suspected Palestinian gunman

Heavy security as Israel reopens Jerusalem site

Raonic safely through despite bathroom hiccup in Paris

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NSA surveillance limits: The focus turns to courts

Focus on NSA surveillance limits turns to courts

Georgia, North Carolina midterms: Race matters

American Held in N Korea Hoped to Spread Gospel

German climber dies in Nepal's Everest region

British-Brazilian film 'Trash' wins top prize at Rome film fest

British-Brazilian film 'Trash' wins top prize at Rome film fest

Democrats look to black voters in key Senate races

No laughing matter: Clown terror spreads in France

US church upholds reinstatement of gay marriage pastor

Israeli police kill suspected Palestinian shooter

Hong Kong's loud American defies pro-Beijing 'smear campaign'

Twisted perceptions: Kama-Sutra 'not a dirty little book'

Twisted perceptions: Kama-Sutra 'not a dirty little book'

Ohio man held in North Korea hoped to aid church

Colleagues: US doctor with Ebola was very careful

Quarantined for helping Ebola patients, US nurse slams rules

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Clashes erupt at Palestinian's West Bank funeral

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