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Chris Bowen to become treasurer

Former Swan adviser seeks support for Emerson's seat of Rankin

Swan will break jobs promise: Hockey

Swan backs so-called middle class welfare

Swan says economic growth numbers solid

Interest rates not at emergency GFC levels: Swan

Labor candidate Jim Chalmers doesn't deny writing Wayne Swan's blistering...

Rudd 57 to 45 - Swan, Conroy, Ludwig, Emerson quit

Economy has underlying strength: Swan

Closer Asian financial ties a boost: Swan

Swan warns coalition will 'slash and burn'

Swan hopeful of retaining his seat

Hockey calls for more Treasury figures

Malcolm Turnbull, Wayne Swan join forces in fresh push for a republic

Labor's chaos undermining super: Hockey

Hockey welcomes post-election policy audit

Treasurer Wayne Swan welcomes rate cut

Swan welcomed me to Canberra: Palmer

Rowdy audience dominates Swan's debate

Swan to spruik Australia's economy in US

Abbott was 'drunk' during GFC vote: Swan

Natural disasters will hit budget: Swan

IMF gives Australia big tick: Swan

Swan marks Labor's five years in office

Swan slams Qld treasurer over flood money

Hockey highly dishonest on budget: Swan

Swan to hold Lilley and remain backbencher

Stevens to serve as RBA boss until 2016

Swan heads to US with budget in mind

Avoid politics during G20, Swan says

Ex-treasurer Swan gets new honour

Former treasurer Wayne Swan says housing sector can drive economy as...

No surplus, but budget still strong: Swan

Swan says WA does ok for Commonwealth funding

Swan warns against 'mindless austerity'

Swan applauds Australian fair-go values

Treasurer on track to lose seat: poll

Defence force at Qld's disposal: Swan

Aust welcomes new South Korean leader

Swan calls Hockey hypocrite on advertsing

Australia at the front of the pack: Swan

Swan won't rule out income tax hike

2.3 Million to Central Coast TAFE

Visas blocking Aussie workers: Swan

I'm a local member, not Labor leader: Swan

WA's Gonski stance disappoints Swan

Swan tells Hockey to 'grow up'

Swan welcomes G8 tax exchange commitment

Swan won't talk deficit after IMF forecast

Yuan deal an achievement for Aust: Swan

Swan promises rigorous audit of election policies

Government to axe baby bonus in budget

Budget back to surplus in 2016/17: reports

Gathering at the Lodge after Gillard lost

Swan says 3% world growth doesn't cut it

The Boss plays a note of caution on economic sway

Swan could lose his seat: Nicholls

Single-minded austerity hurts Europe: Swan

Swan to talk jobs and growth with Bernanke

Swan warns of 'sledgehammer' revenue hit

Australia marks 22 years of growth: Swan

Gillard 'smear' has no credibility: Swan

Swan plans to recontest his seat