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ABC News Video - Updated 10 times daily

Should visas be issued for high-tech workers?

Asylum seeker children to be released

Australia to free some detained asylum-seeker children

NT's international student graduates should fill skilled labour shortage,...

Australia must act on Iraq evil: Hockey

US sees surge in Cuban rafters aiming for Florida

Gulf states discuss Ebola precautions ahead of hajj

Court stops Sri Lanka deporting foreign refugees

Obama weighs broader move on legal immigration

Iraqi religious persecution hits home in US

Australia to release some children from immigration detention

Tilbury container stowaways included 13 children

UN vote Friday on measure to weaken Iraq Islamists

Rosneft Said to Ask State for Up to $42 Billion on Sanctions

A Castro breaks tradition with 'no' vote in Cuba

Islamic State opens new anti-US front with beheading video

Iraqi religious persecution hits home in Nebraska

Sudanese teens at center of recruiting controversy

NY pol's reliance on rabbi comes back to haunt him

Eritreans stranded for week on Israel-Egypt border

Labor Left to quiz govt on refugee policy

Anti-Islam campaigner to visit in February

Cuban pitcher Contreras pays visit to homeland

World title boxer jailed for drugs

Senate and House at impasse Shutdown looms

Kerry: Biggest risk to US is dysfunction

Malaysia deals on asylum seekers: Morrison

Mexico TV star shows Hollywood what Latinos want

Suspected US drug smuggler deported from Thailand

DFAT advises schoolies heading overseas

UK scraps visa bond plan for 'high-risk' Asians, Africans

No nose-picking: China chides its 'unruly' tourists

Britain to ease China visa restrictions

Iraq president's party comes third in Kurdish polls

Daily Digit: No pay for 1mln workers

Al-Qaeda claims attack in Iraqi Kurdish capital

13 members of Anonymous indicted

Egypt denies Syrian refugees forced to leave