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Ukraine's PM appeals to UN over Crimea

Langfang drill

Three Senegalese peacekeepers killed in Darfur

Accused Indian diplomat now registered at UN

UN: US says it doesn't, and won't, spy on UN

Conflicting reports: Israel says no Israeli soldier kidnapped in Gaza

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Stevie Wonder addresses the United Nations

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United Nations launches drones over Congo

UN says 230,000 have fled homes in Ukraine crisis

Afghan civilian deaths increase as war intensifies

Obama Taps Rice for National Security Adviser

UN appeals for $1.27 billion for 'shattered' South Sudan

Besieged civilians in Syria's Homs receive UN aid

Coal-addicted Poland gears up for key UN climate talks

Russia says any oil-for-goods deal with Iran would follow UN rules

Australia to abstain from Palestine vote

French forces continuing its patrols in Gao

UN warns South Sudan over alleged crimes against humanity

As UN evacuates Homs, authorities detain some residents for questioning

Somalia: at least six dead as Shebab target UN convoy

Anti-China protest in Manila over maritime dispute

UN Security Council meets to debate over Gaza crisis

Syria talks begin anew in Geneva

Tehran residents stage protest in support of Gaza

S.Sudan rebels slaughter 'hundreds' in ethnic massacres: UN

UN mulls drone use to monitor C.Africa conflict

Head of UN mission in S.Sudan announces end of term

UN peacekeepers allowed to use force

UN delivers aid to Homs but outlook remains grim

World faces 'water-energy' crisis: UN

UN: Global AIDS-related deaths fallen a third in decade

Would-be Saakashvili successor holds rally before Georgia vote

Syria Refugees

U.N. committee calls for ending excessive electronic spying