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Sheriff, feds: Rancher must be held accountable for armed standoff

Two officers hurt in shootout near California campground

Tension growing between ranchers, mustang backers

Federal land worker threatened on Utah highway

AP Newsbreak: Internal BLM memo shows mustang woes

Internal US memo shows mustang woes

Iconic Utah arch could soon close to rope swinging

Interns follow Donner Party path through Utah

New federal focus: 'Compassion' for wild horses

Nevada rancher's kin take grazing fight to sheriff

Roan Plateau options include directional drilling

Wyoming cave with fossil secrets to be excavated

Dozens of protesters ride in off-limits canyon

Activists say arrests made in protest at Utah tar sands mine project

Dozens of protesters ride in off-limits canyon

US rancher had limited sympathy in the West

Colo. county sees tourism in historic silver mine

Woman held in tribal shooting known as bully

Senator joins critics of federal cattle roundup

Babbitt urges greater protection of public lands

Glacier park looks to influence Blackfeet drilling

Feds to pursue effort to end dispute with rancher

New Mexico coyote hunting contest sparks protests

BLM advises grazing reduction in Montana

Nevada rancher had limited sympathy in the West

Anniversary hike ends in tragedy near scenic spot

APNewsBreak: Judge axes federal suit over lake

Rancher inspects cattle after showdown with feds

Company eyes coal on Montana's Crow reservation

Nevada petroglyphs the oldest in North America

Fire season in West so far is below expectations

Critics skeptical of US 'compassion' for mustangs

Little of federal horse budget spent on fertility

Bringing back good old days of logging difficult

Enviro groups sue to stop new Calif. oil leases

Judge: Feds violated law in Monterey oil leases

Report: Assaults increase on rangers, park police

Feds release cows gathered in Nevada roundup

Feds: Safety concerns led to Nevada cow release

US feds release rancher's cows after protests

Ripples of Nevada range showdown spreading in West

Militia members, ultra-conservatives rally to cause of Nevada rancher

Israel says it doubled new settlement building in 2013