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US works with Jordan, Europeans at UN on Gaza ceasefire draft

UN envoy opposes foreign intervention in Libya

UN says pro-Russia rebels in Ukraine murder, kidnap and torture

UN helicopter shot down in South Sudan

UN rights chief: Crimes against humanity in Iraq

Administration condemns Russian move into Ukraine

Children used as child soldiers in South Sudan

Myanmar seizes over 2M Ecstasy tablets on trawler

Palestinian president prepares new UN appeal

U.N. agency to launch plan for warning airlines of risks in conflict zones

Philippines to pull out of Golan Heights, Liberia

US journalist held in Syria reportedly freed from captivity

UN panel: Crimes against humanity spread in Syria

UN: death toll from Syrian civil war tops 191,000

Kenya recycles global e-waste

Iran nuclear probe reaches deadline, no word yet on outcome

Death toll in Syria war at least 191,369 through April 2014 - UN

Syria opposition: Deadly chemical attack forgotten

Afghan presidential contender threatens boycott

Israeli airstrike collapses Gaza apartment tower

Theo Curtis' ransom not paid by U.S. -State Department

Fighting rages, as Russia and Ukrainian leaders hold talks

Arab states, Israel set to clash at UN nuclear meeting

'No smoking' should include the e-cigarette, WHO says

Explosions rock Gaza, no end seen to Israel-Gaza militant conflict

Iraqis in besieged town appeal to army for help

Hamas admits kidnapping Israeli teens

Toyota's most rugged Land Cruiser is back in Japan

Hamas chief backs International Criminal Court bid

Bulgaria may extend Turkish border fence to bar Syrian, Iraqi refugees