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Australian teen threatens PM in IS video

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Abbott 'very reluctant' to send Australian doctors to Ebola hotspots

Government to take terror law advice seriously

Abbott not offended by Spurr email

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Russian diplomat calls Australian leader immature

No need for Australian sex offender register: PM

Tony Abbott and John Kerry hold talks in Jakarta

Australian troops could move into Iraq 'in the next few days', Abbott says

New Indonesian president warns Abbott

No ground troops to fight IS in Iraq: Bishop

Abbott rebuffs Booker Prize winner criticism

Putin's spokesman says Abbott 'shirtfront' comment 'very unfortunate'

ANU mining investment sell-off move backed by business, investors as Tony...

Ebola, red tape on parliament agenda

Jokowi takes over Indonesian presidency

Bishop warns of long Iraq mission

Former Australian prime minister Gough Whitlam dead at 98

Northern Territory to push ahead with online public sex register,...

Professor suspended over racist emails

Coal tariffs won't block China free trade deal: Robb

Pacific protesters in canoes, kayaks target Australian coal port

Bishop loses global union president race

MH17 discussion with Putin 'constructive': Australian FM

Pyne backs review despite Spurr slurs

Bishop, Putin attend summit in Italy

Putin 'constructive' on MH17 access: Bishop

Man Booker Prize winner 'ashamed to be Australian'

University of Sydney 'disturbed' by professor's emails, dubbed racist and...

Ebola sparks outbreak of politics

Australian author Richard Flanagan wins Man Booker Prize

Australians cheer Flanagan's Booker Prize win

Whitlam dismissal inspired my political career: ACT Chief Minister

Lady Mary Downer, mother of former foreign minister Alexander Downer, dies...

Australia abandons controversial niqab segregation plan

Australia's Parliament House lifts face veil ban

Former Australia Prime Minister Gough Whitlam dies

Ebola precautions in place for Australia