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Abbott speech 'code' for GST hike: Labor

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PM to be quizzed further on GST

Victoria to see more of Tony Abbott as campaign ramps up

Let's fix federation 'dog's breakfast': PM

Tony Abbott urges leaders to drive 'Team Australia' for economic reform

Australia could sign Asia bank deal: Abbott

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Lake council urges PM to put climate change on G20 agenda

Police taskforce to investigate trade union corruption

Reconciliation can occur with goodwill: PM

Australia passes laws cracking down on foreign fighters

Politicians hail child safety advocates

Tony Abbott's proposed GST changes labelled the 'least of all evils'

Deal with Clive Palmer sees government salvage Direct Action

Inflation tame, cost of living tamer

Australian teen jihadist in second video: report

Australia halts visas from Ebola-affected region

Greens claim fuel excise rise won't help rural roads

Australia outlaws travel to terror hotspots

Counter-terrorism laws 'unlikely to ever be wound back'

Lambie reveals Russia plan

School principals urged to monitor students amid terror threat

Abbott defends push to increase petrol tax

Australia set to pay polluters to cut emissions

Thousands prepare for Albany march to commemorate WWI fleet departure

UWA scientist wins Prime Minister's prize for life science

WA accused of 'moral bankruptcy' over GST

Commandos still waiting for green light to go into Iraq

Elite business group lobbies for Medical Research Future Fund

Jihadist site encourages attacks on teachers, DFAT says

Australia bans travel from Ebola-hit countries U.S. isolates troops

Australia marks Anzac centenary

Federal Government introduces legislation for controversial data retention...

Hockey backs Murdoch's comments that low rates make the rich richer

Australian Ebola response 'shambles': AMA

Australia's mosques throw open their doors

Union slush fund story now 'over': Burke

Feds stall as NSW Labor drives change