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As Taliban push quickens, Afghan troops ordered: take no prisoners

Hundreds of Taliban fighters battle Afghan forces near Kabul

Militants attack Pakistani airbases, seven gunmen killed

Clashes near Kabul as Karzai calls for political unity

Kidnapped ICRC staff freed in Afghanistan

Police search for five aid workers kidnapped in Afghanistan

Afghanistan orders US reporter to leave over election story

More time given for Bergdahl disappearance probe

Results delayed in army probe of former prisoner of war Bergdahl

Cricket star Khan overplays hand in Pakistan power game

Tumultuous protests aim to oust Sharif in Pakistan

Pakistan protest leader Khan calls for show of strength

Pakistan arrests 147 in Punjab towns as protests in capital continue

Pakistan's Quetta airport hit by deadly bomb and gun attack

Lawyer: Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl wants to attend college

Tens of thousands protest Pakistan's government

Pakistan anti-government marches advance on capital

Cameron says action needed to avoid Islamic State terror in UK

Social media pushes back at militant propaganda

Thousands on the road in Pakistan opposition rally

Aid workers saving lives while fearing for their own

The Canadian cleric seeking revolution in Pakistan

Afghan special forces brace for exit of US elite troops

Pakistan's capital on edge after Khan march threat

Pakistan begins talks to end protest crisis

Pakistan cleric demands Sharif arrest as protests dwindle

Pakistan prepares for anti-government protests

From Guantanamo to Uruguay, an unlikely journey

Agent gives Hollywood edgy look with 'real' people

Clashes as Pakistan anti-government marches advance on capital

FBI: 4 Calif. men charged in alleged terror plot

Police test Afghanistan's fragile ethnic balance

FBI: 4 Calif. Men Charged in Alleged Terror Plot

Gunbattle follows airport attack in Pakistan

Afghan suicide bomber kills US soldier, 2 Afghans

Afghans: Foreign spies at root of insider attacks

US serviceman wins gold year after losing sight

Suicide bomb kills 6 near NATO gate in Afghanistan

Car bomb kills 17 in north Syrian city of Aleppo

Official: Lindh, other Muslim inmates are defiant

Asking 2nd term, Obama says nation will recover

Redskins' RG3 reflects on early accomplishments

Bomb at Pakistan Shiite procession kills 7