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Republican hopefuls bicker over America's role in world

Obama could ease many Iranian sanctions without Congress

GOP White House hopefuls bicker over America's role in world

Finally, Congress OKs bill reshaping Medicare doctors' fees

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Republican presidential contenders clash in New Hampshire

Obama offers praise, complaints for Republicans

House panel moves to curb military sexual assaults

Congress briefed on US surveillance programs

Gun measures put moderate Senate Dems in bind

Senate panel approves immigration bill

Napolitano: Immigration bill would boost security

Raucous debate on immigration to get under way

SC's Graham shows limits of tea party intimidation

Hagel's GOP foes signal vote should go on

In trying to sink Hagel, GOP takes aim at Obama

Newsmaker lineups for the Sunday news shows

Evangelicals support path to citizenship

McCain, Graham warn on CIA nominee vote

Sheheen: Take money for Medicaid expansion

GOP lawmakers offer alternative to automatic cuts

Republicans face a balancing act on immigration

US condemns comments from Egypt's Morsi

Obama gets top Republican support on Syria strike

Syria weapons deal averts US military move for now

UN experts leave Syria as US edges toward strike

Immigration splits GOP's national, House interests

Clapper unscathed after 'erroneous' remarks

Obama ponders canceling Moscow talks with Putin

US messaging mess in Egypt complicates diplomacy

Filibuster fight: Senators scrapping over nominees

Obama weighs canceling Moscow talks with Putin

Senator targets military law over sexual assault

White House 'extremely disappointed' with Russia

Social issues still fire up GOP despite 2012 loss

Obama's Homeland Security pick is unfamiliar name

Embattled Rice bows out Kerry new frontrunner

Sen. DeMint resigning to head conservative group

Some GOP lawmakers now flout anti-tax man Norquist

Obama may get chance to end Benghazi PR disaster

Rice's star rises as congressional opposition dims

Some GOP lawmakers now flout anti-tax man Norquist

US, Britain warn of risks of Israeli ground war

Iraq's role in Syria war poses problems for US

AP Analysis: Iraq upheaval threatens Obama legacy

Obama's Iraq aim: contain, not destroy, extremists

2008 law unexpectedly at center of border debate

Facing deadline, US and Iran press nuclear talks

Prisoner swap may make closing Guantanamo harder

Senate hopefuls collected $500K a day last year

GOP leaders: Skirting abortion issue not an answer

As military sex cases end, more calls for change

Analysis: Russia tests Obama foreign policy tools

Legal, political hurdles in child migrant crisis

Saving Sgt. Bergdahl: What's known and what's not

Immigration a political quandary for Republicans

List of Senate candidates with House backgrounds

Republicans mull strategy if they control Congress

Top GOP senators look to restrict Obama on Guantanamo

First Bush, then Cuba: Rubio rides political wave

AP Analysis: US was at odds with world over Cuba policy

White House asking authorization for military to fight IS

Obama: US must resist urge to 'overreach" abroad

Foreign affairs, culture wars split Republican focus

Attorney General nominee defends Obama immigration changes

Obama calls for spending surge, buoyed by rising economy

Attorney General nominee wins GOP endorsements

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Kerry defends Iran negotiations before Congress

Preparing for campaign, Clinton seizes on bipartisanship

South Carolina's Graham would overhaul immigration

Senator: Fire commanders allowing sex assault

Obama: US still not sure who used chem weapons

Gitmo closure elusive, Obama looks at other steps

Senators work through changes to immigration bill

Senators require fingerprinting at 30 airports

Coalition on immigration bill clears first tests

Immigration bill could decide 2016, senator says

Compromise among senators eyed on border security

AP source: Immigration bill could exclude many

Bin Laden's son-in-law: Pleads not guilty in NY

GOP splits over immigration and terrorism play out

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