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Mueller urges caution on NSA program changes

Feinstein: Petraeus to testify on Benghazi attacks

McCain rejects torture scene in 'Zero Dark Thirty'

McCain rejects torture scene in 'Zero Dark Thirty'

Bills introduced in Congress banning online gaming

Feinstein asks White House to edit torture report

Compromise in dispute between Marines, off-roaders

Senator: Tentative deal on immigration ag workers

Leading Democrat: Gun control faces uphill climb

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Mikulski becoming 1st woman to head Appropriations

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Holder promises more openness on national security

Congress to investigate Benghazi 'talking points'

Dems push assault weapons ban

Status of proposals for gun control legislation

Dalai Lama opens Senate session with prayer

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Tentative farm workers deal in immigration talks

Senate panel votes to approve Obama's CIA nominee

Congressional backing grows for gun control debate

Senate panel hearing from Newtown father, doctor

Congressional backing grows for gun control debate

Dozen House women defend Rice over Libya comments

Lawmakers consider regulating drone strikes

Congress to investigate Benghazi 'talking points'

Obama signals action following school shooting

Pro-gun voters put heat on Democratic senators

Obama: Boston culprits to feel 'weight of justice'

Bergdahl swap may make closing Guantanamo harder

Police push for background checks on gun purchases

US to crack down on ivory to protect elephants

Reid: Background checks will be in Senate gun bill

Gun ban would protect more than 2,200 firearms

Gun control gets unlikely backers on Capitol Hill

GOP, Dems challenge Holder over subpoenas to AP

Gun control debate begins to simmer after massacre

Lawmakers ask if intel blocked before Boston bombs

Father of Newtown victim: Ban assault weapons

Women in Petraeus scandal had visited White House

Holder defends subpoenas for AP telephone records

Brennan defends drone strikes, even on Americans

Gun control debate begins to simmer after massacre

Senate committee starting votes on curbing guns

Obama to send Congress gun proposals in January

Sheriff: Calif. teen planned attack on classmates

Obama hit by Snowden setbacks with China, Russia

Senate report: Torture didn't lead to bin Laden

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Erratic North Korea poses serious threat

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Clapper unscathed after 'erroneous' remarks