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No decision made on whale hunt: Japan

No arrest warrant for Sea Shepherd founder

Sea Shepherd ships dock in Australia without boss

Japanese whalers ordered out of Australian waters

Sea Shepherd intercepts Japanese whaling fleet

Lithuanian woman shares home with 3 puma cubs

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Japan whalers driven from hunting ground: Sea Shepherd

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Western Australia implements shark 'bait and kill' zones

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Japan whaling decision a 'broken promise'

Shark victim's mum wants WA govt challenge

Anti-whaling activists prepare to head south

China is top dam builder, going where others won't

Researchers brave freeze to track whales

Fugitive whaling protester: 'We're not pirates'

Anti-whalers prepare to head south

We will monitor whalers: fed govt

Sea Shepherd shuts down Japan's whale hunt

Dolphin hunt in Japan's Taiji cove

Yoko Ono asks Japan dolphin fishermen to stop

Japan asks Netherlands to act against anti-whalers

Sea Shepherd reports Southern Ocean collision with Japanese whaling ship

ABC News Video - Updated 10 Times Daily

Stranded whales to be euthanised in New Zealand

New role for drones - wildlife, eco conservation

Sea Shepherd vessel collides with Japanese ship

Man who lost two friends in shark attacks says government must abandon its...

Far from paparazzi, Bardot marks 80th birthday in private

Shark cull: Drum lines dumped after EPA recommendations

Hong Kong democracy protests: Live Report

Sea Shepherd founder eyes return as new ship launched

Brokering a truce in Gaza no easy deal for Kerry

Shark cull must end: top marine biologists, scientists

Senator hands Abe anti-whaling letter

EPA to assess impact of controversial shark cull policy

Whaling fleet protecting itself: spokesman

More woe for Sharks as Wright faces ban

Sea Shepherd loses WA court injunction

Legal fight over WA's shark kill policy

WA shark cull: Premier Colin Barnett warns of repercussions of court...

WA shark policy won't be probed by EPA

WA shark cull: Federal Government backbencher Andrew Laming 'deeply...

Japan to redesign Antarctic whale hunt after UN court ruling

90210 star fights against WA's shark cull

Tourism operator welcomes ruling on Japan's whale hunting

Mixed reaction to Japan whaling ban

Sea Shepherd's job still 'huge': Bob Brown

Sea Shepherd claim Japanese whaler threw spear at activists during clash

Sea Shepherd claims Japan whalers attacked its vessels

Greenland ice loss may be worse than predicted

Heavy snowfall, strong winter storm hits Middle East

Sea Shepherd ship conducts citizen's arrest on Nigerian-flagged fishing...

New Zealand navy attempts to board two illegal fishing boats in Southern...

Former Houston Chronicle editor Jack Loftis dies at 80

Russia ponders sports security lessons from Boston

Sea Shepherd call for cash

Sea Shepherd 'outnumbered' in whale hunt campaign

Whaling conflict heats up near Antarctica

Tracker reveals whaling vessel turn-around

Anti-whaling ships head home

No navy ship to oversee whalers: Smith

Japanese whalers accused of oil spill

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Japanese kill minke whales in Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary - Sea...

Sea Shepherd catches Japanese fleet, four whales dead

Thousands protest against shark culling policy

Sea Shepherd ships prepare for departure

Sea Shepherd ready for aggression from Japan whalers