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Five things to watch in this year's Senate races

Primary reveals Democrat Crist's weak spots in Florida governor's race

5 things to know about House races

Florida, Arizona pick nominees for governor

5 things to watch in this fall's Senate races

Surly 2014 electorate poised to incumbents in

Five things to know about 2014 governor's races

Florida power utilities fear return of 'Green Governor' Charlie Crist

Crist makes Florida comeback bid as four states vote

Final arguments unfold at US ex-governor's trial

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Immigration could set stage for big US budget showdown

In town halls, US lawmakers hear voter anger over illegal migrants

Chris McDaniel delays announcement on election lawsuit

Erdogan sworn in as new Turkey president

Surly 2014 electorate poised to 'keep the bums in'

In town halls, U.S. lawmakers hear voter anger over illegal migrants

Romney for US president in 2016? Iowa poll puts him on top

2016ers jockey even before congressional elections

Farm worker faces No. Two Republican for House seat

No. 2 House Republican faces unlikely challenge

Texas Senator Cruz says border crisis tops agenda for 2014 vote

Obama seeks to do no harm to Democrats in midterms

GOP Sen. McConnell's campaign manager resigns

California lawmakers end session with bills on plastic bags, gun control

Brace yourselves: Campaign cash buying tons of ads

Democrats keep Obama at distance ahead of mid-term elections

Pryor invokes Ebola outbreak in new TV attack ad

50-state look at how Common Core playing out in US

Obama immigration delay a pre-election curveball

Obama's delay on immigration creates uncertainty

Maine Governor LePage embraces candor in campaign

Obama crafts legal rationale for immigration steps

Perry, Paul bash Obama for 'no strategy' on Syria

Turkey unveils new cabinet of Erdogan allies

Erdogan sworn in as Turkey president, opposition storms out

Obamacare's latest threat nears turning point in court battle

Obama notifies Congress of ordering air strikes in Iraq's Amerli

New Turkey PM leaves troubled foreign policy legacy

Obama promoting economic gains as elections near

Obama again faces Congress question on Syria

Booze, smokes on agenda for quirky gov't group

Stock market is a wild card in fiscal cliff talks

GOP issues a new 'fiscal cliff' offer to Obama

Right-to-work Nevada a rare bright spot for labor

Michigan lawmakers approve right-to-work bills

On foreign policy, Kerry is Obama's good soldier

Electoral College vote affirms Obama re-election

Ranchers split over US border security plan

Cliff looms: Kicking the Can, Washington-style

Obama seeks scaled-down 'fiscal cliff' agreement

Fla. vote beyond recount range West won't concede

Bears, budgets, farmers top Congress to-do list

GOP leaders already jockeying for 2016

Outgoing Sen. Brown urges 'larger tent' for GOP

Obama's big Hispanic win worries Republicans

Giants beat Tigers 4-3 in 10 innings for sweep