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Nearly 200 dead as Syria bases lost to Qaeda: monitor

Syrian rebels capture parts of army base in north

Syrian rebels launch major offensive in Aleppo

Russia welcomes any offer to give Assad refuge

Syrian troops storm central village, killing 15

Syrian rebels on the offensive in eastern city

Syrian car bomb kills six

Syria air raids on rebels 'kill 30'

Syrian army reopens key road to Aleppo

Syria jihadists 'advance toward Turkey border post'

UN says nearly 93,000 killed in Syrian civil war

Syrian rebels capture major checkpoint in south

Suicide bomber kills five outside Syria militia HQ: NGO

Syria army presses advance near Damascus

Syrian warplanes target town near Lebanon

Activists say Syrian airstrike kills 20 people

Syria and rebels trade chemical weapons charges

Rebels in Syria kill 21 civilians in Alawite village: NGO

Syria govt retakes strategic town on Turkey border

Syria air raids kill 16 in area seized by jihadists

Nearly 850 dead in Syria regime jails in 2014: monitor

Syria army 'gains ground' along Lebanon border

Death toll from attacks in Syria's Homs now at 100

Syria rebels attack army barracks in Aleppo

German rapper-turned-jihadist reported dead in Syria

Attacks kill 44 in and near Damascus

Iraq forces ready bid to break jihadist siege of Shiite town

Attack on meeting kills 28 Syria rebel leaders

School bombing kills 41 children in Syria

Iraq peshmerga fighters join Kobane battle

'More than 1,000 killed' in battle for Syria's Kobane

Syrian rebels make more gains in north

UN envoy worried after talks with Syria's Assad

Syrian rebels seize parts of strategic air base

Hundreds freed in Syria prisoner amnesty

Syria army 'breaks rebel siege of Aleppo central prison'

Syria air raid kills 12 in displaced camp: NGO

Jihadists kidnap nearly 200 Kurds in Syria: NGO

Jihadists 'capture key base from Syrian army'

Syria troops converge as rebels ready for Aleppo showdown

Syria violence spirals a month from election

Syria rebels take coastal village in Assad heartland

Syria forces in heavy counterattack on rebels in Latakia

IS kills hundreds in Syria, threatens rebel bastion: NGO

Historic buildings blown up in Syria's Aleppo

Air raids kill 31 jihadists in Syria's Raqa: NGO

Jihadists seize Syria's Tabqa airport after bloody battle: NGO

Turkey votes to join war on ISIS

Kurds battle for key Syria town, woman suicide bomber hits IS

Rebels seize most of Syrian side of Golan truce line

No Eid holiday for hungry Damascus children

Syria army retakes northern town of Raqa

Syrian rebels 're-enter historic town Maalula'

Suicide bombers hit Syria troops near Lebanon

Jihadists cut down 150-year-old oak in Syria

Syria warplanes hit Yabrud near Damascus - activists

More civilians evacuated from Syria's Homs

Assad accuses West of backing al-Qaida in Syria

Minaret of famed mosque in Syria destroyed

Sectarian killings reported in Syrian village

Syrian rebels reject Russian claims on chemicals

Rights groups: Syrian rebels often kill captives

Syrian rebels close in on Aleppo airport

Syria escalates barrel bomb attacks as world attention shifts

Jihadists seize Kurdish HQ in Syria's Kobane

US war planes strike Qaeda militants in Syrian border town: reports

US-led strikes hit Islamic State 'capital', says monitor

IS jihadists suffer heavy losses in Syria's Kobane

Syrian rebels strengthen hold in country's east