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Senate chief seeks vote on training Syrian rebels

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A minimum-wage hike finds hope in U.S. heartland

Say what? A minimum-wage hike finds hope in US heartland

Vulnerable North Carolina senator Hagan takes lead in two polls

Former Northern Irish unionist leader Ian Paisley dies: party

Dick Cheney lectures Obama on Islamic State

NJ Gov. Chris Christie visits South Carolina

White House sees progress in Congress for power to train Syrian opposition

Louisiana Governor Jindal, likely White House contender, touts energy plan

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Chemical reform bill faces uphill battle in Senate

Kansas election law looms large in US Senate race

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Eyeing 2016, Rubio pushes American strength abroad

Eyeing 2016, Sen. Rubio stresses border security

Ethics could tip scales in Georgia governor race

Missouri enacts 72-hour abortion waiting period

Obama waits for Congress on Syria rebel aid

Cuts to food stamps will only hit 4 states

Congress scrutinizes Obama military strategy

White House seeks to win over skeptics on Islamic State fight

Senate women: No tolerance for domestic violence

US lawmakers move toward arming Syrian rebels, with conditions

U.S. Congress pushes ahead with bid to arm Syrian rebels

Liberal Vermont Senator Sanders may seek US presidency in 2016