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Protest in Minsk

Masked protest

Lone G20 protester

Greeks march in anti-austerity protest

Graffiti in protest

Hong Kong protest leaders prevented from flying to Beijing

Hungarian protesters hold anti-PM Orban 'indignation' rallies

Clashes as Hong Kong protesters attempt parliament break-in

I.Coast soldiers return to barracks after protests over pay

Czechs protest president on Velvet Revolution anniversary

Hungarian protesters hold anti-PM Orban 'indignation' rally

Hong Kong authorities begin clearing protest site

Mexico leader condemns protests over 43 missing students

Homes and hatred burn on Independence Square protest anniversary

Hong Kong democracy activists protest outside British consulate

Tensions flare in Hong Kong protest

Protesters attack governing party offices in Oaxaca as anger boils over...

Hong Kong clears part of protest site - with help of protesters

Hong Kong bailiffs remove protesters' barricades

Mexico 'missing' protests turn violent

Separation barrier


Low morale amongst Hong Kong protesters

Kenyans protest attacks on women in miniskirts

Poroshenko honors "heroes" of Ukraine on first anniversary of protests

Some barricades cleared from HK protest site

Hong Kong authorities clear protest camp

Removal of barricades begins at HK protest site

Prominent Egyptian human rights activist arrested

Protests in Italy over job reforms

Three Thais detained for Hunger Games protest

Hong Kong protesters break into government building as tensions flare

Officials begin removing barricades in Hong Kong

Clashes as Hong Kong protesters attempt to break into parliament

Hong Kong protesters break into government building, four arrested

Hong Kong prepares to evict some pro-democracy protesters

Australian flags torched at spirited G20 indigenous rally

Spain holds Greenpeace ship protesting oil exploration

Denver-area seniors protest new state tests

Hong Kong activists clash with police, 4 arrested

Hong Kong protesters consider options after China visit blocked

Molotov cocktails, clashes as thousands protest Mexico massacre

Ukraine's Poroshenko heckled by relatives of the Maidan dead

Muslim-majority Indonesia's capital gets Christian leader

Students rally in London against tuition fee increases

Greece: 20,000 join annual protest to US Embassy

One year on, Maidan activists reflect on Ukraine's journey

Egypt refers 5 students to military court over protest

Greenpeace activist hurt in clash over Canaries oil exploration

Hip-hop provides soundtrack to Burkina Faso crisis

Hong Kong post-it wall

Hong Kong activists denied permit to go to Beijing

Hong Kong may start clearing city-center demonstrators today

Police arrest protesters as Ferguson awaits grand jury decision

Ferguson protesters decry report officer Wilson may return to work

Myanmar students stage illegal education protest in Yangon

Over 10,000 Hungarians in anti-corruption protest

Kenyans march in pro-miniskirt protest

Egyptian police fire tear gas, arrest 25 people