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Fidel Castro appears to lend support to Cuba talks with U.S

Fidel Castro appears to lend support to Cuba talks with US

Czech president calls for united action against Islamic State

China moves to accept imports of all US apple varieties

Cancer organization partners with NFL on prostate treatment

Fidel Castro ends silence on US-Cuba relations

Fidel Castro writes statement on shift in Cuba-US relations

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'Peace between us,' Raul Castro says of US ties

Despite warming of relations, U.S. says many differences with Cuba remain

Obama budget to include $1 billion for Central America

Book Talk: Iran "insider" offers roadmap for U.S.-Iran peace

Russia warns West support for Kiev could lead to 'catastrophe'

Latam ex presidents blocked from prison visit to Venezuela's Lopez

Belarusian leader issues tough warning to Moscow

Latam ex-presidents blocked from prison visit to Venezuela's Lopez

Greek government to hold first talks with EU leaders

Obama offers condolence to Abe over slain hostage

Assad seeks agreement over U.S. air strikes in Syria

Obama Praises Hagel As "true American Patriot"

Honduran president says military crackdown has cut murder rate

US Democrats block immediate vote on Keystone pipeline

Cuba demands US hands back Guantanamo Bay

Obama eyes $1 billion for Central America

Car industry heads lobby to drop tariffs between EU, U.S.

Syria approves U.N. $2.9 billion humanitarian aid plan for 2015

Colleague surprised at NT Labor president's decision to fight IS

Russia's 2014 arms sales top $15 billion: Putin

Lavrov: Syrian meeting in Moscow should help peace

Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe named new African Union chairman

US says 'no' to handing Guantanamo back to Cuba

Raul Castro warns U.S. against meddling in Cuba's affairs

Kerry heading to Ukraine amid concern over conflict

Israel's Rivlin in first US visit for UN Holocaust memorial

Obama Welcomed in India, Begins 3-day Visit

China's ZTE says smartphone shipments to U.S. jump more than 50 percent in...

China rebuffed over UN move targeting NGOs

Obama chief guest at India Republic Day Parade

Oil surges 8 percent as U.S. rig count plunges, shorts scramble

Iran names new UN ambassador after US visa refusal

Amid detente, triathlon brings Americans and Cubans together

At farewell, Obama praises Hagel as 'true American patriot'

Venezuela's No. 2 distances himself from defecting bodyguard

Netanyahu defends planned Congress speech as anti-Iran strategy

U.S. ambivalence towards Moscow talks shows pressure easing on Syria's...