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White House sends congratulations to EU's Tusk, Mogherini

Chelsea Clinton steps down from TV job

New York risks 'return to bad old days'

US to push for coalition to fight 'cancer' of Islamic State: Kerry

Kerry reassures Egypt over Apache delivery

Donovan to play farewell game for US

Syria chemical arms team to disband, probe to go on: UN

U.S. to push for coalition to fight 'cancer' of Islamic State - Kerry

Cuba gives US swimmer Diana Nyad sporting medal

Obama has taken no decision on Syria airstrikes: White House

U.S. readies duties on Mexican sugar in win for sugar lobby

Miley Cyrus' date turns self in, posts bail

Djibouti presidential guard wounds two in airport shooting

Saudi king warns West will be jihadists' next target

Sanction Putin over Ukraine: Plibersek

Japan Tobacco has no plans for further e-cigarette

Turkey unveils new cabinet of Erdogan allies

France rules out cooperation with Assad against Islamic State

Algeria president dismisses Islamist-leaning ex-premier

South Korea's Kia to invest $1 billion in Mexico

US seeks coalition against Islamic State

US sees 'Russia-directed' counter-offensive in Ukraine

US prepares military options in Syria against Islamic State

U.S. seeks coalition against Islamic State, but military partners no sure...

Yemen's president warns rebels over show of force

Abbott may attend UN talks next month

US probes possible 2nd American jihadist killed in Syria

US, China plan followup to Sunnylands summit in November

Venezuela battles obesity amid dearth of good food

Dozens of Turkish police detained over 'anti-government plot': media

Building coalition for Syria action no easy matter

Google's Megan Smith considered top choice for U.S. technology chief -...

France rules out Assad as partner in terror fight

Lawmakers: Islamic State group wants to hit US

UN helicopter shot down in South Sudan

Libya warns United Nations of possible slide into civil war

US arms Lebanon for fight against jihadists

Afghan president will not attend NATO summit next week - spokesman

Obama back in DC amid crises, as if he never left

US rules out coordination with Syria as it spies on jihadists

US, foreign fighters in Syria pose 'very serious threat': Rogers

West drops aid to Iraq town under jihadist siege

US steps up sanctions on Iran over nuclear program