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'Girlfriend' crack makes Obama voting all laughs


Man in Chicago tells Obama 'don't touch my girlfriend'

Obama casts vote in Illinois

Obama casts his vote early in Chicago

Obama Casts His Ballot Early in Chicago

Obama condemns 'tragic' Ottawa attack

Obama calls late Ben Bradlee a 'true newspaperman'

Obama: Science, not fear, key to Ebola response

Obama invites new Afghan leaders to White House

Obama offers federal help to NY with Ebola case

Abbott and Obama discuss Iraq, Ebola

Obama votes early in Chicago

Obama "not at all concerned" about hugging cured Ebola patient: White House

Obama gives big hug to U.S. nurse who survived Ebola

Obama votes early in Chicago, encourages others to follow

Obama keeps his schedule clear to focus on Ebola

At rallies, Obama casts 2014 as key for his legacy

Obama works to boost early voting in Maryland, Illinois ballots

Obama makes rare campaign trail appearance, some leave early

Obama: U.S. has health system to stop Ebola from outbreak levels

Obama hits campaign trail, attacks Republicans

Obama plans final days campaign spree as Republicans seek gains

First lady stumps in close Colorado Senate race

On visit home, Obama looks backward and forward

FACT CHECK: Making 97 percent a failing grade

Obama pitches for votes on black radio

Campaign Trail, Obama Says GOP Is Peddling Fear

Obama pledges to stand by Canada after attack

Michelle Obama rallies voters in Iowa, Minnesota

Obama praises Supreme Court stance on gay marriage: magazine

Obama Offers Condolences to Canada PM Harper

Obama: Prospect of Ebola Outbreak in US Low

Nurse Who Overcame Ebola Visits White House

Tony Abbott and John Kerry hold talks in Jakarta

Obama to welcome Ebola coordinator to White House

NY Doc Begins Ebola Treatment, TX Nurse Released

ANMF: 100s of nurses ready to fight Ebola

Obama and Erdogan promise to intensify IS fight in Syria

Obama 'optimistic' Ebola in US is contained

Grateful for US strikes, Syrian Kurds name baby 'Obama'

Obama cautiously 'optimistic' about Ebola fight in US