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Assad is no anti-terrorism partner but a jihadist ally, France warns

France rules out Assad as partner in terror fight

Britain rules out working with Syria to tackle Islamic State militants

Syrian army attacked on multiple fronts, IS claims air base

Syria seeks international help to fight Islamic State

Syrian rebels introduce the "hell cannon"

France rules out cooperation with Assad against Islamic State

Syria's Assad forms government, 11 new ministers

Lebanon army battles gunmen near Syria border

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Rocket fired from Lebanon hits northern Israel: army  

US rules out coordination with Syria as it spies on jihadists

Heavy clashes in Syria's Golan Heights

Syria opposition: Deadly chemical attack forgotten

US probes possible 2nd American jihadist killed in Syria

Yemen Shiite rebels rally in Sanaa and vow 'escalation'

Obama authorizes surveillance planes over Syria

US must 'destroy' jihadists in Iraq, Syria: ex-general

Syrian government 'likely' used chlorine gas on civillans

Syria chemical arms team to disband, probe to go on: UN

Five rockets fired from Syria into Israeli-held Golan

Obama sets stage for Syria strikes with surveillance flights

A look at the Islamic State militants in Syria

Hundreds dead as Islamic State seizes Syrian air base: monitor

Jihadists release video of Lebanese troops

Obama to consider airstrikes in Syria against Islamic terror

Perry presses for greater US involvement in Iraq

US rules out coordination with Syria as it spies on jihadists

Obama again faces tug of military action in Syria

New Turkey PM leaves troubled foreign policy legacy

US seeks coalition against Islamic State

US faces intelligence challenge in Syria

UN: death toll from Syrian civil war tops 191,000

U.S. seeks coalition against Islamic State, but military partners no sure...

Kidnapped US journalist freed in Syria: Kerry

US to track jihadists in Syria with spy planes

On Syria, Obama faces questions on Congress' role

American held in Syria freed after nearly two years

Iraq forces ready bid to break jihadist siege of Shiite town

Turkey's Davutoglu expected to be a docile premier

IS commits war crimes, Syrian government using poison gas: UN

Islamic State commits war crimes, Syrian government using poison gas - U.N.

Islamic State militants pose imminent threat to US, Hagel says

Executions a 'common spectacle' in jihadist-held Syria: UN

Syria war toll tops 191,000 says UN

Obama again faces Congress question on Syria

Obama's effort to combat extremists suffers Iraq setback

Obama faces options in Iraq and Syria