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Pakistani protester

Libya's outgoing provisional Congress 'plans to reopen'

Libya's interim government resigns under pressure

Shaw 'ready to apologise' to Victorian people

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Budget to dominate as parliament resumes

Islamist militias capture Tripoli's international airport

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Opposition figure quits Niger after baby-trafficking probe

South Korea opposition stage parliament sit-in over ferry disaster

Libya gets new chief of staff to tackle militias threat

Islamists branded 'terrorists' after fall of Tripoli airport

Egypt denies 'direct' role in air raids on Libya

Budget 'unnecessary and harsh'

Qld Labor leader to face ethics committee

Libya's government resigns to allow parliament to form new cabinet

Pakistan cleric at rally warns of 48-hour deadline

Ukrainian president dissolves parliament, calls early election

Libya's Islamist militias claim control of capital

Libya's new chief of staff declares 'war on terrorists'

Country Liberals put off vote for new deputy after Dave Tollner's gay slurs

Students to pay more at Uni Pyne says it's a 'good deal'

The battle for control in Pakistan

Laws have passed which will see cameras ping drivers of unregistered cars

Libya Dawn Islamists 'reject Ansar al-Sharia terror'

Libya neighbours back Egypt call to disarm militias

Pakistani PM denies asking army to mediate

Hundreds join in at Hobart's JOM Malaysian independence festival

Ex-magistrate Peter Maley offered information for $10k political donation...

Royal Hobart Hospital review taskforce members earning $2,800 a day

Dennis Jensen joins WA Liberals in calling for GST overhaul

MP Geoff Shaw labels tunnel cost a 'Kevin Rudd type figure'

Anti government demos continue in Pakistan

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Erdogan sworn in as new Turkey president

Liberals to axe 700 jobs in bid to balance books

Dave Tollner lashes out over cash-for-document claims made by Norm McCleary

Pakistan PM rallies support against resignation demands

Thai PM endorsed by King

Furor Grows Over British Child Sex Abuse Scandal

Pyne to introduce university bill to parly

No date for Cannabis Bill to be tabled

Uruguayans can now sign up to grow pot at home