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Radical preacher goes on trial in Jordan

Philippine kidnap ordeal going into my book, says Jordanian

Pakistan charges doctor who helped find bin Laden with murder

Al-Qaida leader calls for attacks inside US

Somali Islamic center eulogizes American jihadi

US embassies in 4 African countries also closed

Pakistani police shoot gunman after long standoff

Bradley Manning-WikiLeaks case turns to sentencing

Prosecutors: Manning abused his country's trust

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White House lawyer replacing retiring CIA deputy

Judge won't dismiss serious charge in Manning case

Manning trial judge hearing dismissal arguments

AP CEO calls records seizure 'unconstitutional'

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Milestones for Guantanamo Bay detention center

Saudi sentences Qaeda suspects to death for expat murders

UK gov't loses court challenge to deport preacher

Hicks to launch terrorism case appeal

Hard-line Islamists to make gains in Pakistan vote

Budget woes could delay NY trial for bin Laden kin

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Kidnapped film-makers recovered in southern Philippines

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French try to root out would-be jihadists at home

Passing reference in 'Argo' rankles New Zealand

NY prosecutor: Bin Laden kin wanted to harm US

Mombasa's Musa mosque at heart of Kenya's war on terror

Malaysia kidnappers telephone Chinese victim's family

9/11 mastermind: Spokesman had no military role

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