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Sri Lanka's Sirisena forms national government with opposition

India's Modi faces opposition from farmers to land reforms

Russian parliament to rule on opposition lawmaker

Indonesian tycoon sues government to stop key opposition party defecting...

Moroccan opposition in rare standoff with police over burial

Greek PM meeting with German opposition after Merkel talks

British PM Cameron to face rivals in TV debate

Albania: 2 MPs arrested on false murder plot claim

Memorial to Kremlin critic Nemtsov vandalized, then restored

Pro-Ukraine demonstrators in Belarus assail Russian policy

UK prime minister, opposition leader in live TV interviews

UK opposition leader kicks off election campaign

Kremlin critic says under pressure not to return to Russia

Syria's Assad calls chemical attack allegations 'propaganda'

Syrian rebels launch offensive on government-held city

Venezuela collects 3 million anti-Obama signatures, foes denounce coercion

Venezuela collects three million anti-Obama signatures, foes denounce...

Putin says Western spies plot against Russia before polls

European leagues alone in opposing 2022 Cup timing - UEFA

Turkey says U.S.-led campaign to train Syrian rebels delayed by Washington

Canada government asks pipeline regulator for safety guidelines by 2016

Sri Lanka promotes former general who defeated Tigers to field marshal

Canada says it will bomb Islamic State 'safe havens' in Syria

Netanyahu picks Kulanu party head as Israel's finance minister

Protesters demand government resignation in Georgia

Georgians call on government to resign

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew dies at age 91

PM Cameron uses last parliament clash before election to rule out tax rise

Sick leave advocates rally in Philly ahead of Christie talk

Lee's authoritarian legacy may fall short for new Singapore

South Sudan lawmakers extend president's term by 3 years

Britain's UKIP expels election candidate after expenses scandal

Senegal jails ex-president's son for 6 years for corruption

Lee Kuan Yew: life and legacy.

Britain tells US - We'll always fight by your side

Brazil's leader committed to austerity with social focus

Macedonians split over allegations of wiretapping

Boston Olympic backers say won't make bid without public support

Analysis: A divided Israel may seek unity government

President cheers Obamacare on five year anniversary