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10 Things to Know for Tuesday

Petrol sniffing bill fuels mixed reaction

$3.66 a litre diesel fuel station makes changes

Ex-Detroit mayor convicted, jailed until sentence

Shell to help combat petrol sniffing

Law changes to ease gemstone miners' red tape

Singapore haze at worst yet, Malaysia schools shut

Remote communities welcome Opal rollout

Hopes high for power to combat petrol sniffing

US hands prison over to Afghans

In Yemen, a woman's life entangled with al-Qaida

Police to meet Balgo elders over kids sniffing

Call for Feds to use petrol powers to cut sniffing

Sudanese face grim Eid amid grief, hardship

Judge: Oil patch killing suspect fit for trial

US stands strong despite fear over global slowdown

Top End launch for unsniffable fuel