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Egyptian to plead guilty over US embassy bombings

Judge concerned over U.S. embassy bombing case guilty plea

AP names Maya Alleruzzo Mideast photo editor

Former NY mayor to defend 'Call of Duty' maker in Noriega suit

Al-Qaida's heirs thrive in Mideast, Africa chaos

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Arab states lag in media war against extremists

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Market waits for election earnings disappoint

US drones kill senior Taliban figure in Pakistan

McChrystal takes blame for Rolling Stone article

Obama Chooses Trusted Adviser As Chief of Staff

Court rulings dim outlook for Guantanamo trials

Ex-FBI agent to plead guilty to being AP source

Britain to reopen embassy in Yemen on Sunday

Britain to reopen embassy in Yemen on Sunday

As al-Qaida grows, leaders remain a global threat

A look at Al-Qaida In Arabian Peninsula

Pakistan doctor who helped find bin Laden in legal tussle

Saudi jails 5 for up to 30 years on Qaeda charges

US hits bin Laden son-in-law with new charges

Designer of AK-47, Mikhail Kalashnikov, dies

The $120,000 farmhouse where Pakistan Taliban chief died

Kerry to meet Pakistani PM on Sunday

US, Taliban to start talks on ending Afghan war

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reveals 'indirect' contact with PRISM...

Obama names outspoken Rice as his security adviser

Prosecution rests in Manning's WikiLeaks trial

Obama: Sexual assault threatens trust in military

AP Exclusive: Rise of al-Qaida Sahara terrorist

Bradley Manning acquitted of aiding the enemy

CIA papers show Panetta spilled bin Laden secrets

Pakistani activists accuse outed US spy of murder

9/11 defendants ask for 'Zero Dark Thirty' court screening

Six dead as police clash with Qaeda suspects in Yemen

Pakistan-US alliance takes hits on campaign trail

Pakistan's next premier an Islamist comeback kid

Violence risks turning Egypt to jihadi front

Why CIA, senators feuding over Sept. 11 secrets

16 years in prison for man in NYC terror bomb plot

Judge refuses to delay NYC terror trial

CIA accused: Senator sees torture probe meddling

Pentagon studying Putin's body language

Shoe-bomb witness to speak from London at US trial

Eight Yemen soldiers killed in 'Al-Qaeda attack'

No verdict yet in al-Qaida spokesman's terror case

Former al-Qaeda spokesman recounts 9/11 aftermath

Karzai brother to withdraw from Afghan presidential race - rival

Former warlord Sayyaf backs Abdullah in Afghan vote

Protests planned over Afghan election 'fraud'

Canada high court upholds case against Algerian 'sleeper agent'