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NuCoal considers judicial review

Renewed calls for government to revoke NuCoal mining licence

Legal action starts over scrapped Hunter exploration licence

More questions over NuCoal's links to corruption

NuCoal calls for consultation on mine licence decision

Mining issues hot topic at cabinet meeting

Souris says legislation over mining licences is rock solid

Mining company defends link with high school

Education 'biased' by corporate funding

'Corrupt' mining licenses cancelled in response to ICAC

ICAC hears more evidence about coal deal

Deadline looms for mining giants to convince Premier not to cancel Hunter...

Companies given time to respond to ICAC

Witness tells ICAC he "improvised" answer

Retail, bank stocks lead gains on local market

Training mine crucial to licence: ICAC

Coal licence a 'goldmine' for union boss: ICAC

Premier refuses to halt farm sale with ICAC link

Ex-union leader to offload farm

ICAC hears training mine was 'spin'

ICAC report puts NSW Labor in spotlight

Mining companies will fight decision to cancel Hunter exploration licences

NSW mine licence cancellation emotional news for farmer

Ex-union boss used to 'open doors': ICAC

ICAC finds Macdonald corrupt over Doyles Creek mine

Coal cancellation laws pass NSW parly

Share market ends boon year with a whimper

Water experts want mines put on hold

Farmers disrupt Pilliga csg project

Premier urged to halt assessment of coal mine

Obama takes on coal with first-ever carbon limits

Mining 'lull' forces Toowoomba manufacturer to axe up to 100 jobs

ALP member for Richmond promises to cross floor on CSG

Navajo Nation forms company to run NM coal mine

State Government rejects Grainger Energy's exploration licence application

Power plant plan further clouds coal's future

Turkish police fire tear gas in town mourning dead miners