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NASA picks Boeing and SpaceX to ferry astronauts

NASA's Maven spacecraft reaches Mars this weekend

Inside Boeing's astronaut taxi to the Space Station

Boeing, SpaceX to send astronauts to space station

Boeing, SpaceX to send astronauts to space station

NASA's Maven explorer arriving at Mars after year

SpaceX Falcon rocket blasts off from Florida

SpaceX cargo ship blasts off toward space station

SpaceX launches 3-D printer, other station gear

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SpaceX readies cargo mission to space station

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NASA's Maven explorer arrives at Mars after year

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Internet moguls Musk, Bezos shake up US space race

U.N. aviation body to mull space safety as space taxis ready for flight

Elon Musk gets fresh challenge with space contract

SpaceX breaks ground on Texas rocket launch site

Boeing-Lockheed venture said teaming with Bezos on rocket engine

Boeing-Lockheed venture picks Bezos engine for future rockets

SpaceX must meet high standard to get rocket certified : US officials

At UN, Obama to urge nations to go big on climate

Two men is space for a whole year

UK police say they won't charge hacker

10 Things to Know for Tuesday

NASA rover Curiosity shoots a Mars rock with laser

Astronauts go spacewalking to hang station shields

Airbuses suffer cockpit power failure, await fixes

Visible from space: Curiosity tire tracks on Mars

Study: Billions of Earth-size planets in Milky Way

NASA, Europeans uniting to send spaceship to moon

Voyager 1 becomes 1st craft to leave solar system

2nd private company rockets toward space station

NASA recycles spacecraft to search for asteroids

Water Leak in Astronaut Helmet Cuts Spacewalk

2 Russians turn cable guys in record spacewalk

NASA, Navy practice space-capsule recovery

NASA to probe why Mars lost its atmosphere

South Pole ozone hole slightly smaller this year

China criticises US space agency over 'discrimination'

Unmanned cargo ship docks with Space Station

Study: Dead stars colliding forged gold on Earth

Toyota sudden acceleration case set to begin in CA

Curiosity rover to head toward Mars mountain soon

'Companion' Robot Headed to Space Station

NASA reports coolant loop problem at ISS

India's spacecraft successfully begins journey to Mars

NASA launches MAVEN to Mars

NASA: Space station power system radiator leaking

NASA: Flash in East Coast sky likely a meteor

New, temporary radiation belt spotted around Earth

Del. panel OKs 550K grant request from ILC Dover