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Pakistan releases top Afghan Taliban prisoner

Bangladesh in Super-10 despite Hong Kong defeat

Pakistani troops kill six militants at Afghan border

Pakistan arrests former head of banned Sunni group

Pakistan to cut phone service to prevent attacks

Iraq bombs kill 23, including minority protesters

Militants attack Pakistan army post, kill 8 troops

Pakistan to award slain boy for foiling bombing

Army: Airstrikes in Pakistan tribal region kill 37

Pakistani parties name presidential candidates

Pregnant woman stoned to death in Pakistan buried

Report: Ex-Pakistan leader's emergency act illegal

Gulf airlines reassess Peshawar flights

Bomber kills 30 at Pakistan police funeral

Bomb at Pakistan Shiite procession kills 7

Pakistan's Musharraf wants heart treatment abroad

Palestinian shot dead in West Bank clashes: Family

In Pakistan, signs praise spies as nation changes

Bomb kills top Pakistani police who hunted Taliban

Activists say death toll in Syria now tops 100,000

Peace talks start between Pakistan, Taliban team

Afghan Taliban claim former No. 2 still not free

Police re-arrest Pakistan's Musharraf on new case

Pakistan says Indian troops wounded 6 civilians

2 get death in Pakistan case tainted by class

Pakistanis praise boy for foiling suicide attack

Notorious Pakistan A-bomb scientist tries politics

Gunmen kill 6 in attack on politician in Pakistan

Pakistan frees Christian girl accused of blasphemy

Pakistan bans condom commercial for being too racy

Pakistan PM to attend Indian inauguration, a first

US drones kill senior Taliban figure in Pakistan

Suicide blast at funeral kills 25 in Iraq

Pakistan PM: Talks with domestic Taliban started

Pakistan's former President Musharraf gets bail

US drone strike in Pakistan kills 3 militants

Hospital of last resort in Pakistan faces closure

Pakistani PM pushing for militant peace talks

Pakistan plans to hold national elections in May

Indians angry at convicted spy's death in Pakistan

Pakistan's army wants TV news channel shut down

Pakistan quake kills 39 as houses collapse

Confusion, delays plague Pakistan-Taliban peace talks

Car bomb kills 4 in Pakistan, another defused

Pregnant Pakistani woman stoned to death by family

Pakistan vote count shows big Sharif win

Strike shuts down Indian Kashmir as Singh visits

Pakistan launches Afghan airstrikes after attack

Report: Iran gas imports a disaster for Pakistan

Pakistan: Musharraf advised to move to US hospital

Egypt's emerging leaders after Morsi's overthrow

Libyan official: 3 activists raped by militiamen

Pakistani officials hold direct talks with Taliban

Free YouTube! Pakistan ban faces court action

Egypt proceeds with judiciary law despite uproar

Pakistan's Musharraf appears in treason case

Leading Pakistan politician falls, injures skull

Pakistani court indicts Musharraf in treason case

Pakistan's Musharraf disqualified from election

Pakistan's Musharraf again a no-show at trial

Pakistan's Musharraf no show in court bomb found

Sharif's win sparks hope for Pakistan-India ties

Pakistan: Bhutto's son launches political career

Pakistan to start treason probe of Musharraf

New Pakistan PM vows better economy, end to drones

Pakistan, Iran leaders inaugurate pipeline project

Pakistani Taliban withdraw peace talks offer

Hong Kong's history-making cricketers vie for Chinese fans

Pakistani court orders PM's arrest amid huge rally

Pakistani air force pounds militant hide-outs

Shiite leaders call end to protest in Pakistan

Thousands of Pakistanis homeless after quake

Attacks kill 10 Pakistani troops missile tested

Pakistan agrees to free Taliban for peace process

Pakistan: Bail delayed in Christian blasphemy case

Pakistan to release top Afghan Taliban prisoner

Pakistani cleric ends rally after government deal

China poised to control strategic Pakistani port

India secretly hangs lone surviving Mumbai gunman

Pakistani drone protesters block NATO supply route

Bombs at mosques in northwest Pakistan kill 15

Pakistan arrested American who was killed by drone

Angry lawyer throws shoe at Pakistan's Musharraf

Pakistan, India trade fire along Kashmir border

Pakistan library named 'bin Laden' as memory fades

Pakistan launches ground offensive in 2nd key town