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Customs head apologises to Indonesia over breaches of territorial waters

Stellar cast for border secrecy probe

$88 million extra cash for Customs "war"

Customs expects more arrests linked to corruption

Border authorities deny 'prison ship'

Customs and Border Protection to axe 100 jobs

Customs forced to rescue 40 asylum seekers

Military wanted secrecy on boat arrivals

Report details corruption among Customs officers at Sydney international...

Boat operation works under war rules

Australian vessels breached Indonesian territorial sovereignty

Indonesia possibly unaware of incursions

Cabinet divided over Australian Border Force power, resources

Commander silent on boat arrival

New Customs integrity measures unveiled

Customs staff being drug tested

Customs admits to 700 staff corruption complaints

Massive job losses predicted as Customs budget cut 'through the bone'

Asylum boat master rescued by authorities

Customs officers charged with corruption

Customs denies it knew about corruption

Fears over Sydney Airport drug import ring

Boat briefing travel cost over $15,000

Conroy accuses commander of border protection cover-up

Customs warns of 'cocaine invasion'

Morrison facing boat secrecy grilling

Customs confirms crime figure at Xmas 'do'