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Bergdahl investigation wraps up top leaders get briefings

Top Islamic militants killed more US troops going to Iraq

Bergdahl investigation report goes to senior Army commander

Politics, shotgun marriage in government, war loom in 2015

Obama responds warily to sex scandal, FBI probe

Syria threatens retaliation for Israeli airstrike

Navy suspends company implicated in scheme

Obama plays down US intervening in Syria

US Senate panel votes to authorize force in Syria

UK: investigators study scene after copter crash

US: Navy secrets bought with prostitutes, bribes

US holds out possibility of restoring aid to Egypt

US looks to send training teams to Lebanon, Iraq

US officials approach tumult in Egypt with caution

Pentagon to revise danger pay country roster

Hagel given assurances on Afghan security deal

New ship's Capt. Kirk is used to 'Star Trek' jokes

Afghan troop cuts invite comparison to Iraq

Afghan troubles spell tough start for Hagel

Correction: Budget Battle story

US general sought larger US force in Afghanistan

Top US commander: Iran sanctions not working

AP IMPACT: Combat stress felt far from front lines

Military weighs cutbacks, shifts in drone programs

General: Budget cuts will hamper drug seizures

Hagel adds urgency to push for ethics crackdown

Almost 2000 US troops to remain in Afghanistan

Hagel: China territorial claims destabilize region

Hagel: Russia aggressive actions galvanized NATO

Obama charts end to Afghan war by 2016

US Army to begin Manning's gender treatment

Bergdahl hires lawyer for military investigation

Death toll rises in southern Afghanistan battle

Islamic militant attack in Nigeria kills hundreds

As Army shrinks, young officers being pushed out

Ebola survivor: No time to waste as Obama ups aid

Strikes in Iraq, Syria expected under new war plan

Health officials: US well-equipped to stop Ebola

US: Will Turks train Syrian opposition in Turkey?

A cast of characters in the Petraeus sex scandal

Questions on sex scandal: Top officials testify

Women in Petraeus scandal had visited White House

Panetta defends Obama's gun control package

Panetta: US helping French forces with intel

US military drones being used over Nigeria

US aims for trial of Benghazi suspect held on ship

Hagel meets with team that rescued Bergdahl

Iraq crisis deepens US directly arms Kurds

Obama's Iraq aim: contain, not destroy, extremists

Secrets leaker Manning to begin gender treatments

Obama takes tougher line against Gaza casualties

Initial review of Iraq forces done no decisions

Hagel to tour China's new aircraft carrier

Uncertainty of Afghan election clouds NATO summit

Hagel, French minister talk about Syria strikes

Video: Islamic State group beheads British hostage

Sierra Leone to shut down for 3 days to slow Ebola

US commander says Afghans face Taliban test in 2015

Already questions about endgame in Syria

Broader Syria peace talks? Chemical weapons first

US offers to destroy Syrian chemical arms at sea