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Iraq's fugitive VP convicted as attacks kill 92

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NSA debate shifts in favor of surveillance limits

Syrian peace talks yield potato diplomacy

Iraq crisis deepens US directly arms Kurds

Brokering a truce in Gaza no easy deal for Kerry

Obama urges enduring cease-fire for Gaza Strip

US: Israel must do more to protect Gaza civilians

Kerry to promote peace, sanctions in South Sudan

France: Syria launched 14 toxic attacks since Oct

Rising African cachet poses choice for US ties

With Mideast talks over, Palestinians seek unity

White House sees longer wait for Afghan agreement

Israeli demand sparks 'Jewish state' debate

Kerry meets with Jordan's king over peace plan

Ukraine PM says his nation will 'never surrender'

Turkish attempt to ban Twitter appears to backfire

Foley case lays bare debate over paying ransom

American killed in Syria a journalist at heart

Slaying of American reopens debate on ransoms

US considers sending special forces to Iraq

Militant urges Muslims to build Islamic state

Syrian rebels buckling in face of jihadis

Kurdish leader cites 'new reality' in Iraq

US, Europeans try to rally Western front vs Russia

Putin backs Egypt army chief's run for president

Security fears threaten US future in Afghanistan

Shift in NSA debate favors surveillance limits

Turkey's Erdogan calls for no-fly zone in Syria

Diplomatic push grows against Islamic State group

Kerry raps Israel in faltering Mideast peace

Deal reached on calming Ukraine tensions _ for now

Photos show Russian troops in Ukraine: US

US: Strikes near Kobani have killed hundreds

Ukraine accuses Russia of sending dozens of tanks

Calm prevails northern Lebanese city after clashes

US tones down demands that Russia expel NSA leaker

Boston Marathon bombing kills 3, injures over 140

Lawmakers consider regulating drone strikes

Liberal in domestic issues, Obama a hawk on war

Bin Laden's son-in-law: Pleads not guilty in NY

Momentum weakened for Assad's ouster in Syria

White House: Egypt's democracy on 'difficult path'

Brennan defends drone strikes, even on Americans

US restraint in Syria could aid Iran nuclear talks

Clock ticks on authority for Guantanamo detention

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World powers set to test Iran on nuclear dispute