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Congress briefed on US surveillance programs

Report: NSA contract worker is surveillance source

From outsiders to bombing suspects in Boston

Israeli official: Syria's Assad used chemical arms

Crossing a 'red line'? US says Syria used poison

Afghan troops hold their ground at high cost

Afghan policeman killed in Pakistan border clash

Obama balances threats against Americans' rights

Person briefed on probe: bombs in pressure cookers

Intelligence chief: Secret report mislabeled

Despite tensions, NKorea readies for festivities

US helicopter crashes in Afghanistan, killing 1

Afghan leader alleges US, Taliban are colluding

5 US troops die in helicopter crash in Afghanistan

Insider attack kills 2 US troops, 2 Afghans

Hagel: Optimistic on reaching commando agreement

NKorean nuclear test may be intelligence windfall

US slams hostage-taking Clinton to call Algeria

Lawmakers test legal waters for regulating drones

US commandos boost numbers to train Mexican forces

Algeria: Army rescues hostages, toll unclear

Obama: US action would send Assad 'strong signal'

NSA admits rare willful surveillance violations

Clapper unscathed after 'erroneous' remarks

Global travel warning: US cites al-Qaida threat

New NSA revelations stir congressional concern

Why spy on allies? Even good friends keep secrets

UN pulling staff from Syria, violence near capital

US may leave no troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014

Specter of Benghazi drives US-Afghan talks

Questions on sex scandal: Top officials testify

A cast of characters in the Petraeus sex scandal

Women in Petraeus scandal had visited White House

Congress to investigate Benghazi 'talking points'

Book on bin Laden raid coming out Sept. 11

US declares Haqqani network a terrorist body

Iraq's role in Syria war poses problems for US

US judge: NSA program is likely unconstitutional

Benghazi attack was preventable, Senate panel says

NSA debate shifts in favor of surveillance limits

Proposed spy phone record shift draws resistance

Federal judge: NSA phone surveillance is legal

Obama struggling to find winning formula in Syria

As Syria threat expands, Obama mulls options

CIA investigates whether officers spied on Senate

US: Syria conflict a threat to homeland

Shift in NSA debate favors surveillance limits

Gov't obtains wide AP phone records in probe

Obama lifts ban on Guantanamo transfers to Yemen

Ex-general wants post-2014 troop levels announced

NSA contractor risks steep jail time for data leak

NSA: The finder and keeper of countless US secrets

Utah home to NSA's new mega-warehouse for data

Reaction cool to US arms plan for Syrian rebels

NSA director says plot against Wall Street foiled

Send him back: US urges nations to return Snowden

Lawmakers consider regulating drone strikes

White House to give senators Benghazi documents

Brennan defends drone strikes, even on Americans

The inaugural do-over: chomping gum, savoring view

How and why NSA spies on US allies

Official admits testing US cellphone tracking

AP sources: CIA delivering light weapons to Syria

Senators: Limit NSA snooping into US phone records

Rocket trajectory links Syrian military to attack

Experts: Don't bomb chemical weapon sites in Syria

NSA collected thousands of US communications

What's a little spying among friends?

Obama recasts chase for Snowden as unexceptional

Official: Navy SEAL died of apparent suicide

Snowden leaks lead to Pentagon change

Snowden trial could be awkward for US

SEAL's book shows bin Laden raid up close

Pakistani officials confirm death of key militant

Publisher of bin Laden book refuses to back down

Official: Emails from paramour led to FBI probe

A cast of characters in the Petraeus sex scandal

Women in Petraeus scandal had visited White House

Al-Qaida plots comeback in Afghanistan: US Officials

NATO chief backs larger Afghan force through 2018

Karzai calls on Afghan troops to clean up own act

Contractor killed in attack in eastern Afghanistan

Bombs, clashes with Karzai mar Hagel's Afghan trip

US warns Afghan leader's comments threaten troops

Bail hearing set for 2 men in Canada terror plot

Police: 2 arrested in al-Qaida linked Canada plot