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Justice Department tells Ferguson police to stop wearing bracelets

U.S. Attorney General Holder to resign, official says

Holder's legacy: counterterrorism to civil rights

US Attorney General Holder resigns

U.S. Attorney General Holder to step down, successor faces array of...

Shire to pay $56.5 million to settle improper marketing probe

Concerns access to justice will suffer in Tasmanian north-west

Feds tell Ferguson chief to ban bracelets

U.S. charges four with stealing $100 million in software, data

Michael Brown, Eric Garner Families Speak in DC

US to undertake review of Wal-Mart shooting

Feds to undertake review of Ohio Wal-Mart shooting

Holder: Mixed record on national security issues

Holder departure will bring civil rights questions

White House: Attorney General Holder Resigning

Shire to pay $56.5 million to settle improper marketing probe

Holder resigning: Attorney general backed rights

Obama accepts Holder resignation, praises record

Eric Holder legacy as financial crime fighter built in last year

Newman details of Labor MP's breakdown

U.S. attorney general criticizes Apple, Google data encryption

Japanese firm fined $67.7M in shipping conspiracy

Next US attorney general faces daunting national security challenges

U.S. attorney general criticises Apple, Google data encryption

New York City to end solitary confinement for teens at Rikers jail

US court upholds $1.1 bn ruling against Dow Chemical

Ferguson unrest persists despite chief's gesture

Third Colombian admits role in killing of US agent

Browns unmoved by police chief's apology

Windows smashed, arrests made in Ferguson protest

U.S. Attorney General Holder steps down

Parents of Michael Brown unmoved by chief's apology

Obama pal Eric Holder to leave after 6 years as AG

No indictment in Ohio Wal-Mart shooting

Fixed-term custody orders could pose community safety risk, WA Government...

Mexico detains 8 soldiers in June killing of 22

Families want investigations into police deaths

Obama: Mistrust of police corrodes America

Police: Ferguson officer shot 2 suspects wanted

US Attorney General Eric Holder to resign

Ferguson officer shot police say no protest link

Screaming inmates make LA rethink jailing mentally ill: Cities

Police, protesters scuffle after Ferguson apology

For Obama, Holder exit leaves void on civil rights issues

Obama says mistrust of police corroding America